As is tradition, bigmouth media has released its predictions for 2011, this year jointly with LBi. The document predicts that 2011 will be a historic year for digital marketing in terms of technical and economic changes that have a significant impact on the sector. Entitled “2011: An Exciting Year for Digital Marketing,” Costa Rica Email List the document focuses on topics such as the impact technical innovations are having as marketing activities expand to respond to the growing interest in mobile marketing and the introduction of Internet television. Given the buoyant market for mobile phone applications and the expected growth in demand for the new Apple iPad and other competing tablets, the retail sector will have to devote increasing efforts to exploiting these types of technologies.

The growing importance of these technologies will also generate renewed interest in technical infrastructures that support digital campaigns. Consumers’ expectations for speed and ease of use of web pages will put more emphasis on usability, with a greater focus on site architecture, analysis and measurement of received traffic.

The report also points out that three different disciplines will fight for control of digital budgets in 2011: although companies continue to elucidate whether social media should depend on digital marketing or online public relations, over the next year CRM departments They will also begin to claim this channel.

In the view of Andrew Girdwood, director of Media Innovations at bigmouthmedia, “2011 will also be the year that many companies will become publishers with companies around the world interested in creating original and quality content at the core of their strategies. of marketing. Content is king once again, and we expect to see an explosion of this activity as brands focus more on creating a positive user experience.

On the other hand, in its English version, the document dedicates a part to the legislative change that will take place in March, when the Advertising Starndards Authority (ASA) extends the coverage of the Committee of Advertising Practice to the digital sector. Details on how this measure will affect online advertisers have not yet been released, but pay-per-click, display advertising and the websites themselves will undoubtedly be affected.

On this subject, Lindsay Menzies, CEO of bigmouthmedia, affirms that “there are many challenges that we must face in 2011, but few will talk about the intention of the ASA to increase its regulation of the digital marketing sector. Although there has already been some speculation about what exactly it will mean, and we encourage everyone to closely monitor the situation, which could have profound implications for everyone in the industry. “Digital media generate a unique degree of involvement between films and the public
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A Microsoft Advertising study on the role of digital media in film consumption showed that online advertising generates a unique degree of engagement between films and the public by fostering word of mouth and creating a shared experience in which users can exchange all kinds of extra content from the movie.

An example of this is the latest Universal Pictures campaign aimed at digital media to promote their latest animated film “My favorite villain Gru.” During the opening day, the MSN home page hosted a new format called side kick in which one of the lackeys of the evil Gru, the protagonist of the film, dragged the MSN home page to the side, thus making the trailer of tape.

For Isaac González Riesgo, Media Manager of Universal Pictures International Spain “Digital media perfectly complement traditional media in promoting films since they fulfill the same functions as the latter but also reinforce the results. With this campaign we managed to get almost half a million users to download the film’s emoticons, a figure that shows the importance that online advertising is gaining within film marketing ”.

According to the Microsoft Advertising study, digital media expand the value of the trailer by capturing the public’s attention and bringing the film to life through personalized elements and content, thus creating added value highly appreciated by Internet users.

“Digital media are becoming increasingly important because they allow users to decide for themselves if they want to watch a trailer online and quickly access the content that interests them. That is why at Microsoft Advertising we work to create prominent formats that help the advertiser to connect with their audience by offering them all kinds of well-known and personalized content and experiences ”, says Marisa Manzano, Commercial Director of Microsoft Advertising.

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