IMF Business School · Masters in Marketing and Digital Communication Online or in person · Double degree · Up to 70% scholarship · Job and internship exchange ACL DirectPromo · We know about Relationship Marketing We are experts in loyalty and incentives · We like to create unique experiences Six out of ten users of social networks in Spain connect to them daily, and 84% do so at least once a week, Georgia Email List according to the Study on Social Networks on the Internet prepared by Elogia Ipsofacto for Interactive Advertising Bureau, Association that represents the interactive advertising sector in Spain.

The report analyzes the environment of social networks in Spain, addressing aspects such as user habits on the Internet, advertising and their relationship with the media, among other aspects.

In this way, it stands out that the services most used on the Internet by social media users are search engines, digital newspapers and forums, although they always dedicate more time to social networks than to other Internet services or even to the media. conventional.

Regarding Advertising on Social Networks according to the data of the study itself:

30% of the surveyed users indicate that they remember a specific communication campaign on social networks, with Coca Cola being the most remembered brand among users according to the study.

Regarding the perception of such advertising, neutrality stands out, in such a way that 64% of those surveyed do not mind it, but they do not like it either. Only 20% of Social Network users indicate that they dislike advertising.

Among those surveyed who do not like advertising on Social Networks, 27% do not like it or it annoys them and 18% affirm that it interrupts or interferes in their tasks.

95% of individuals who are bothered by advertising on social networks are not
willing to pay to skip advertising on networks.

44% of those surveyed answered that they are a fan of a brand or company on social networks. 9% of the fans of any brand are Coca-Cola.


The patent, granted on January 7 under the name: “Real Estate Claim in panoramic or 3D mapping environments for advertising” will be the basis for launching the technology and potential of a software capable of identifying different surfaces, posters and billboards through Google Street View, thus offering brands and advertisers the possibility of advertising by replacing these surfaces with their own advertisements.

To test this new technology, Google will carry out a series of initial practical applications as an example of its use and integration. One of them will be to use this software to recognize the posters of a theater, being able to replace their information so that your billboard advertisements are constantly updated with new promotions.

The implementation of this new technology will make it possible to highlight and recognize the different points of interest and advertisements in the Google Street View images, in turn being able to provide related information or links.

Faced with this new horizon of advertising possibilities, unknowns and questions arise in relation to the operation of the acquisition and contracting of these new spaces that, according to the patent, could be established through auctions in which the owners of the “surfaces or physical properties could even intervene claimed real “.

Although all this corresponds to the basic concept developed and detailed in this new patent, for the moment, this is undoubtedly one more among thousands of ideas commonly developed and of which not all manage to mature to give way to new products or real services.

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