Possibly you have already used them sometime. Perhaps you have only seen a few icons next to the navigation bar when you are in Google Chrome, without really knowing what they are. Well, those little icons are the famous Google extensions and they were created to make your life easier. Guest Author Jan 9, 20 | 9 min read The extensions are like applications that you install in this browser and that, like the apps on your cell phone, fulfill specific functions that make the user experience better. When you install Google Chrome, YouTube , Mail, and Google Search are automatically installed . However, the variety and quantity of extensions is enormous: there are them to increase your productivity, to play games, to improve online security and a lot more. The best thing is that many of them are free. All Google Chrome extensions can be found in the Chrome Web Store. You can access it here or by entering from the Google Chrome menu in More tools, Extensions. There you will see the extensions that you have installed and when you click on Get more extensions, you will enter the Chrome Web Store page. Today I want to introduce you to 10 of the most useful and popular extensions. I divided them into categories according to their theme. I hope they are as interesting for you as for me Google extensions to improve your productivity 1. Explain and submit screenshots Most computers have the option of taking screenshots.

However, this extension also gives us the option to take only one area of ​​the screen, edit it, add notes and share or download it. As you can see, there are several similar extensions in the Chrome Web Store, but this is my favorite because it doesn’t ask for access to your private data and it has a very clean and intuitive interface. 2. Google Translate UAE WhatsApp Number List This extension allows you to translate from a single word to a whole page in seconds. You can even hear pronunciations! Simply select the unknown word and the Google Translate icon will automatically appear. Click and the definition will appear with a sound symbol, like this:If you want to translate the entire page, just go to the icon next to the navigation bar and click Translate this page. 3. Any.Do It is an extension to make to- do lists, schedule reminders, add notes, files, and sort tasks by folders. The best thing is that it syncs with your different devices, so you can use it from anywhere. You will see that it is very easy to use and will help you organize your time effectively. Extensions to protect your online security 4. Click & Clean If you are paranoid like me, this extension is for you! Click & Clean allows you to thoroughly clean your browser to protect your online privacy : it removes browsing history, cache, temporary files and cookies.

It also allows you to scan your PC for malware and various other functions. 5. Ghostery Let’s say that it is normal for some sites to track our online activity, as this is often done for advertising purposes. The problem is that there are those who do it with the aim of selling our data, or harming us in even worse ways. Ghostery lets you see those trackers that are on every page you visit, allowing you to block the most dubious ones. 6. HTTPS Everywhere https is the secure version of http . Not all pages offer that secure connection, and entering your data on these types of sites can be dangerous. This extension automatically switches thousands of sites from http to https, protecting you against various forms of surveillance and data theft. Digital Marketing Extensions for Google Chrome 7. Hootsuite Hootlet And yes, it turns out that Hootsuite has its own Google extension. It is ideal for community managers , since it allows you to share any page you are on on social networks , without having to cut the URL, shorten it, paste it, etc. With this extension you can select texts and share them directly on social networks, you can also publish images, videos, posts and more, without much effort. An extension that will surely save you time and facilitate your day to day.

Check out other features in this video: 8. MozBar The Moz extension makes SEO work easier, as it provides instant metrics on any page or SERP, determines domain authority and page authority, and exposes different elements of each page you visit, among other useful features. Almost all of them are free, but you can access more advanced ones by subscribing to the pro version. 9. Check my links When you browse the Internet, there are few things more annoying than a broken link. These not only affect the user experience, but are also detrimental to organic positioning. Check my links tracks all the links on your website, identifying which ones work well and which need repair . Nothing easier! 10. Social Meter Social Meter lets you see all the interactions that the different pages have on the social networks Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, Pinterest and several more. Thus, if for example you write an article, you can see the interactions that it has had and determine the reception of the content. 11. SEO and web analysis This tool developed by WooRank offers a deep SEO analysis, allowing you to review more than 80 criteria. Among the most interesting criteria are the estimation and positioning of the traffic, the distinctive audience, the Adwords traffic and the location of the visitors. 12.

SEO Site Tools SEO Site Tools is one of the most powerful SEO plugins, which shows nothing more and nothing less than a collection of information from the page you are on. It is basically divided into six main parts: page data (includes data from Google, MozBar, Alexa, Yahoo! etc.);page elements (metadata); social media (Facebok, Ywitter, LinkedIn etc.); page terms; server / domain information; suggestions. 13. SEOquake SEOquake is a plugin that allows you to analyze metrics in a much more organized way. As well as the MozBar and SEO Site Tools plugins, Quake provides an overview of information that can save you hours. 14. Majestic Backlink Analyzer This Majestic plugin brings the most accurate backlink analysis of any other program. Through this it is possible to know the number of links, the “trust flow” and the “citation flow” of your site or blog. This is an SEO plugin that works in the freemium style , that is, you can use only some of the functions for free. In the same way, it is worth knowing even the free version of this incredible plugin. 15. Open SEO Stats This plugin shows the SEO situation of a certain page , based on databases such as Geo IP Location, Whois and Alexa, as well as verifying backlinks, indexed pages and much more. 16. SEO SERP Workbench This tool allows you to verify the positions of your site and that of the competition in various search engines, given a certain keyword. 17.

Page Analytics If you have a website or blog, you will certainly already know Google Analytics (in case you say no, take a look at our complete guide to the tool )If your site already has Google Analytics installed, this extension will create a visual interface for the analysis of clicks received on your pages. It will form a kind of heat map that highlights the parts of your site that have received the most clicks. Just install the extension and configure it to collect the data from your Google Analytics account . For that, you need to log into your Google profile. It is important to remember that this tool works only with one Google account at a time. 18. Google Similar Pages Google Similar Pages allows you to easily find pages similar to the one you are browsing. This extension facilitates the research work of the SEO Analyst, allowing important references to be discovered with just one click away. The tool is still in the testing phase, however, it helps a lot when it comes to looking for references. 19. Goo.gl URL Shortener Goo.gle is a site to shrink URLs , that is, it transforms huge links into small URL addresses. It was thought to facilitate the work of those who are in charge of shortening those links basically every day. 20. Pocket Pocket is a tool that saves articles, videos and all kinds of links so that you can see them later. It works on both desktop and mobile platforms, giving the agility and practicality you need when consulting the information that you previously filtered yourself.

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