The income of the Spanish entertainment industry will reach 31,737 million euros in 2025 / OTT video platforms will grow in our country by 11.9% and Internet advertising by 7.1%, respectively, until 2025 / Revenues from Internet access are also expected to perform well, especially from mobile devices / The newspaper and television advertising sectors, which present more complex challenges. Peru Email List The exit of the Spanish Entertainment and Media industry from the crisis generated by COVID-19 will be solid and sustainable over time. This is one of the conclusions of the 22nd edition of the Entertainment and Media Outlook 2021-2025 Spain report , prepared by PwC. Revenues from the sector in Spain will grow by 5.3% * until 2025, when they will reach 31,737 million euros, mainly driven by the good performance of different subsectors, among which video on demand or OTT video and advertising stand out. In Internet.

The study collects the growth prospects of fourteen industry segments in our country: television and video, OTT video, television and Internet advertising, video games, virtual reality, radio, podcast, music, cinema, books, magazines, newspapers and advertising Exterior.

Evolution of video on demand revenue in Spain until 2025
Revenues from OTT ( Over The Top ) Video platforms -includes companies such as Netflix, Amazon, HBO, DAZN, Apple TV, Movistar +, Filmin, among others-, will grow in Spain at a rate of 11.9%, until reaching revenues of 848 million euros in 2025, and is expected to exceed 20 million subscribers in our country in 2021. Within this segment, the systems that offer content to users by subscription (Subscription Video On Demand) are those that more will grow until 2025, 12.6%, compared to payment systems for content (Transactional Video On Demand), which will grow 5.5%.

The Internet advertising is one of the great pillars on which the good performance of industry – its revenues grow 7.1% sustain until 2025, thanks to the high penetration of Internet access via mobile He expected that in that same year it reaches 73.9% of the population-, but, above all, the strong pull of advertising on mobile devices and the greater use of social networks as advertising support. Precisely, income from Internet access, both through mobile and fixed broadband, will grow in Spain by 4.7%, until 2025, when they will reach 12,364 million euros.

Video games and e-Sports (+ 6.3%), the music industry (+ 12.2%) and outdoor advertising also (+ 11.6%) will have a good evolution until 2025 in our country. In the case of video games and e-Sports, Spain is the fifth largest market in Europe and within four years its revenue is expected to exceed 2.478 million euros, driven by the rise of social video games and the good performance of revenue from advertising and sponsorship in e-Sports.

Evolution of Internet advertising revenue in Spain until 2025
In the case of music, one of the most affected by the pandemic due to the prohibition of live performances, it is expected that it will face its recovery in 2021 and that in 2025 it will reach 908 million euros. Also striking is the recovery of outdoor advertising, whose revenues fell by 40% as a result of COVID-19, and it is expected that, in 2023, it will recover the billing levels prior to the pandemic. The study also highlights the resilience of the book publishing industry:Spain is the fourth largest consumer book market in Western Europe, in absolute terms, and the second in terms of growth rate. In 2025, its income is expected to reach 1,596 million euros, increasing at a rate of 2.1%, with a greater role for printed than electronic books.

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