Rock Content is an expert company in the Content Marketing methodology, a strategy to attract customers through the production and dissemination of relevant and quality content for the public of companies and that is growing strongly year after year. Edgar higuerey Feb 17, 20 | 9 min read rock content is not an agency On the other hand, agencies offer different online promotion services. In some cases, these digital marketing services are offered by companies outsourced by the agencies themselves. In this article, I will explain why Rock Content is not a digital agency and what distinguishes it from this type of service. Continue reading! What does a digital agency do? Digital marketing agencies were born out of the need of the growing online market.

The expansion of the Internet has not only contributed to the rapid dissemination of information, but also to the increase in the consumption of products and services from different segments. In this context, digital agencies act by proposing different techniques to help companies impact, interact and convert visitors into potential clients. Its services are Lithuania WhatsApp Number List quite extensive and have different practical aspects, such as:creation of websites and online stores, content production, management of profiles and pages on social networks, creation and monitoring of Ads campaigns, production of brand visual projects, among many other examples. Full service agencies (that is, they offer various solutions) determine the services that will be applied according to various previously analyzed criteria, such as the objectives that the business intends to achieve and the budget it has available. Why is Rock Content not an agency? If, on the one hand, digital agencies involve a series of solutions, in Rock Content the actions are focused on exploring the full potential of a single strategy: Content Marketing . This is a digital strategic perspective that aims to generate sales opportunities through the production of relevant content for the business audience, originating organic traffic, improving the corporate image and attracting customers naturally. In fact, one of our current products is iClips, a specific task and process management software for digital agencies . In other words, we also help agencies to optimize their productivity when using this digital platform. Beyond teaching and selling quality content, Rock Content has also built its entire business on it, which shows the power of this method.

Currently the company has 6 offices in Brazil, Mexico, the United States and Canada, with more than 550 collaborators specialized in the different pillars of Content Marketing. This global scope enables the offer of high technical quality services, based on data and adapted to the variables of the commercial and geographic segments in which its clients are located. Rock has specialized in this type of strategy, which has made it the number one company in Content Marketing in all of Latin America. In their expansion efforts for the Hispanic market, for example, we have helped companies from different sectors to boost their digital presence based on relevant content. And how do these companies discover us? Mainly from our blog, which you read right now! At this moment we have an average of 50 thousand users accessing this space daily in which we share the knowledge we produce about Digital Marketing. And of all those, 93% come from search engines like Google, which proves our ability to generate organic authority from SEO techniques and content production. why rock content is not an agency 1 The aforementioned makes us the perfect laboratory in which we perfect and consolidate the value of the alternatives that we offer to our clients.

So that you better understand the objectives of Content Marketing and how Rock Content exerts its efforts so that companies can achieve them, I will explain the services that the company has and that distinguishes it from digital agencies. 1. High technological base specialized in Content Marketing In Rock Content you find technology solutions that collaborate for the production, management and distribution of quality content. Get to know them below. Rock studio Also known as the heart of the company, Rock Studio is the Rock Content platform that allows managing the entire process of planning, production and promotion of content, without the need to download a program or application, since it is possible to manage it from any browser and device, either desktop or mobile. Through Rock Studio, all those involved in the content creation process (freelance, content analyst and client) enter and interact so that the work is carried out in an agile and efficient way. This process attributed in Rock Studio involves activities such as market analysis, definition of buyer personas, keyword search , development of the editorial calendar, creation of guidelines, execution of content, dissemination on social networks and much more. why rock content is not an agency 2 Rock stage Rock Stage is a WordPress solution for creating, hosting and managing blogs. It was developed so that companies and Marketing professionals can work on their content without facing technical challenges or depending on support when they need to make changes or adjustments in the blog structure .

Thus, Rock Stage offers a simple and intuitive interface and technology services such as protection against attacks, automatic backups, HTTPS and free migration. The tool also allows a blog to be created at no cost in less than 3 minutes! And until you receive 10,000 monthly accesses, the use of Rock Stage will be free. why rock content is not an agency 3 In addition, by hiring one of the paid options of the service, the company can count on qualified professionals to collaborate in the creation of complex projects and solutions, such as website creation, security optimization, SEO improvements, among others. In this way, Rock Stage’s specialized WordPress team is available to collaborate with the use of the platform and even with consulting, answering for the technical part of infrastructure, speed, security and performance. Ion Interactive Ion Interactive is part of the acquisition made by Rock Content of the North American company ScribbleLive. This software is an interactive content solution that enables you to create engaging and memorable experiences. From the program, it is possible to create interactive content without the need to use codes and programming, in addition to having predefined designs so that the company can select the model that best works for its objectives.

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