With each passing day, Content Marketing gains more followers. The reason? Its excellent results. If you are still not completely convinced, in this article you will find the reasons that you need to finish deciding, once and for all, to invest in Content Marketing. Guest Author Mar 16, 20 | 8 min read invest in content marketing The Content Marketing is a strategy that has its origins before the online era. However, it was with the digital transformation that this strategy began to gain proportions that the creator of the Michelin Guide could never have imagined. You must have already heard that Content Marketing specifically attracts the audience you are looking for, that it gives value to your brand, that increases its visibility and consequently improves results, all this with a low investment, which makes it affordable to any business , And you still haven’t made up your mind? Nothing happens, Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List in this article we will test you with numbers everything you have heard so far and we will show you statistics that will check what is said about it. Read on and be even more amazed by this great strategy! 62 reasons to invest in Content Marketing The first idea that many of those who are beginning to know Content Marketing have is that the only way to carry out this strategy is by creating a blog , however, this resource goes much further than that. Social networks are also an excellent way to share content in various formats.

Next, let’s see some numbers of both cases and other aspects related to Content Marketing. Blogging 1. 81.6% of the participants in a survey of companies in Latin America and Spain claim to use Content Marketing as one of the Digital Marketing resources. ( Ilifebelt 2020 )2. 59.5% of this group affirm that in 2019 they produced more content than in 2018 and that this year they intend to continue increasing production. (iLifeBelt 2020)3. Despite the fact that 43.1% of the companies surveyed have a content strategy , only 10.4% have a team for this purpose. (iLifeBelt 2020)4. The most used CMS in the world is WordPress with 49% of websites using content management systems. ( Built With )5. Every month in WordPress more than 401 million people access different blogs and in total more than 20 billion pages are visited. ( WordPress 2020 )6. WordPress hosts blogs in more than 120 languages, with English being the main language with 71% of the domains. Spanish is the second most popular language in the CMS, 4.7% of their blogs are in our language. (WordPress 2020)7. Monthly WordPress is made about 70 million new publications and 77 million new comments. (WordPress 2020)8. Publications are of increasing quality. In 2019, writing a post took approximately 3 hours and 57 minutes, 65% longer than posts produced in 2014. ( Orbitmedia 2019 )9.

The average number of words in a publication in 2019 was 1236, 56% more than in 2014. (Orbitmedia 2019)10. 24% of bloggers post a weekly post, 23% post a few posts per month, and 16% post 2-6 times per week. (Orbitmedia 2019)11. 35% of bloggers research and make original posts, 10% more than last year. This is due to the increase in the results obtained with this practice. (Orbitmedia 2019)Social media 12. 66% of Marketing professionals share the content of their blogs on social networks. (Social Media Examiner 2019 )13. In January 2020, social networks have 3.8 billion users worldwide, 9% more when compared to 2019. ( We are social 2020 )14. Worldwide, the male population is the most present in social networks. 55% of users on these platforms are men and 45% women. (We are social 2020)15. The average time spent daily on social networks is 2 hours and 24 minutes per user. (We are social 2020)16. There are approximately 2 billion people around the world who use Facebook. ( Facebook 2020 )17. Facebook is used by more than 140 million companies around the world. (Facebook 2020)18. Every day more than 100 billion messages are shared among its users. (Facebook 2020)19. More than one billion Stories are published daily. (Facebook 2020) 20. 32% of the world’s population over 13 is on Facebook (We are social 2020)21. 73.1% of Facebook users are between 18 and 44 years old. (We are social 2020)Instagram 22. Instagram has approximately one billion users on its platform.

(We are social 2020)23. Instagram has more than 500 million users who use Stories daily. ( Instagram 2020 )24. The Spanish-speaking country that most used Instagram in 2018 was Argentina, 31% of the population uses this social network, being the 13th country that uses the platform worldwide. The United States is in 9th place, since 34% of its population has this network. ( Statista.com 2018 )25. 63% of Instagram users connect to the platform at least once a day. ( Social Media Today 2020 )26. It is estimated that in 2020 each Instagram user will use the platform for at least 28 minutes per day. (Social Media Today 2020)27. A third of the most viewed Instagram Stories are made by companies. (Social Media Today 2020)28. The marks posted on Instagram an average of 2.5 Stories week. (Social Media Today 2020)LinkedIn 29. LinkedIn is the social network most used by B2B companies and is considered the largest professional network in the world. It has approximately 675 million users distributed in more than 200 countries.

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