Attracting new visitors, especially for marketing, technology and ecommerce companies, demands very different methods from the traditional ones. Increasing the CTR or Click Through Rate with SEO or, through ads in Adwords is the new norm and, for this, we will show you the best tricks and strategies that you can use in this regard. Jesus Cardenas May 27, 20 | 12 min read tips to increase CTR For Digital Marketers unfamiliar with internet ads and SEO, increasing CTR can be very frustrating at first. The advice on ad tactics and organic online traffic only takes you up to a certain point and doesn’t go any further. You may have read dozens of articles on the subject so far, Macedonia Phone Number List have followed their directions and are still stuck in your numbers. In this post, we have separated the tactics and tricks into two parts: first, those focused on organic traffic, and then those to increase the CTR in your Google Ad words ads .

We will also teach you how to effectively measure your organic traffic once you have implemented our tips. We promise you won’t regret reading them! Why is it so important to increase the CTR of your pages in Google? If you entered this content, it is very likely that you already know the importance of CTR, but just in case, we are going to explain the reason for these tactics.

The Click Through Rate is the number of clicks that a link on your website, blog or ecommerce receives , divided by the number of impressions it has received, expressed as a percentage. That is, impressions are those moments when, through an Ad or organic positioning in Google, your site has appeared on the user’s screen. In an example: if your website has had 1000 impressions and has received 10 clicks, then your CTR is 1%. Here it should be clarified that the number of impressions a result receives in Google depends on many factors, such as:the position of your content on the Google results page (the one that is at the top of the page tends to receive more impressions than the 10th placed);user behavior on the results page (if your intention is to buy, you can click on an ad without even checking the organic results, lowering your impressions);the type of keyword the user is looking for (if your goal is only to discover a definition, a featured snippet can earn almost every impression on this page);the configuration of your result on the page (if you attract the attention of the user with an attractive title, an emoji or a rich snippet , you will receive more impressions);among others. That is, there is no 100% unique formula to understand the number of impressions you receive. The analysis you should focus on is the opportunities to increase them, regardless of how many you have, because the more impressions on Google, the more chances that the user will click on this page . This data can be easily and reliably identified on the Google Search Console main screen :In this sense, increasing the CTR is synonymous with more traffic for your website, which can translate into greater conversion opportunities for sales or generate engagement , depending on the objective of your website. Generally, the CTR is associated with conversion metrics, since if people are clicking on your ad or through organic results, it means that there is some engagement from that point and they will be very likely to follow your CTAs .

In the end, you will be providing them with relevant information and compatible with what they are looking for. Now, with this already contextualized, it is time to talk about those strategies and tricks to increase CTR. To make it more interesting, we will separate the tactics according to their nature, that is, if they are for organic CTR or for Google Ads. Read to the end! 3 actions to increase the organic CTR of your website The first step for any strategy, including those focused on increasing the organic CTR of your page, is to define why and where you will increase it. In case you were wondering, SEO and CTR have a very intimate relationship, in other words: search engines consider that a website is popular due to the impression and click-through rate (CTR) and to increase this indicator you have to be well positioned , that is, optimize the pages to reach the top positions. One feeds the other. In this sense, organic CTR is essential to position a website, which results in conversion opportunities, business generation, online visibility and brand recognition . Now, speaking specifically about those techniques aimed at impacting your organic results in Google, be it a blog , a website or a virtual store, we have compiled the best tricks you can follow to increase CTR organically. 1.

Write an excellent SEO title If your blog has a CMS or a content management system, you must have a section where you must define the main theme of your website, blog, post, among others. To increase the CTR you must pay special attention to the Title Tag, that is, the meta title that you set so that it appears in Google. In WordPress , this title is different from the one you put as the H1 header of your content, because it fulfills the function of stimulating the user’s click on your page in Google, so it must be defined based on this objective. Here you can see the WordPress section that defines the title that will be assigned to your page when it appears in Google, using the Yoast SEO plugin. The trick in this sense is to include in each meta title the keyword you want to position, which is also part of the title of the website, blog, or post. To do it correctly, you must think about what word you can use to best define your material or page and use it in a short sentence that has an unspoken meaning about your content. On the other hand, when what you want is to increase the CTR of a post on your blog, you need to draw the user’s attention. If the person you are looking for is someone who needs information, you can use phrases such as: “Double your Content Marketing results with these 10 TRICKS.” In this article we provide tips so that your titles are the most creative and effective of the results pages in Google and allow you to increase the CTR of your results. 2. Take care of your URLs When a web page is created, the URL that appears in search engines is generated automatically, but it is modifiable in most content managers.  It is confusing, long and does not say anything to the search engine or the user, it does not specify what it contains, or what the keyword is to be positioned. Also, by putting the number “10” in the URL, this page would have less chance of being updated in the future.

If you wanted to increase the number of Content Marketing tricks to 14, for example, this would sound strange to the user, because the URL indicates that there are 10. In Digital Marketing it is interesting to make a page that can be constantly updated over time so that it remains relevant. In this sense, not including temporary elements in the URLs is a very good practice, because it allows you to update the content as many times as you want, without causing a wrong interpretation in the user. t is best to use a few words where the keyword is contained and you can define the web page or the post you are creating. Remember, it must be descriptive and as brief as possible, both for the user and for the search engines . 3. Use the Google data marker Within Google Search Console – a tool to measure CTR – there is a section called “data marker” to help you highlight your results in the search engine. It is necessary to configure it, although it is not complicated at all, you just have to go to Google Search Console, click on “Search aspect”, then on “Data marker” and follow the steps indicated by the tool. This functionality is only available in the old version of Google Search Console, which you can continue to use normally. Look at an example of a structured data that we can implement in a Google result: And this is what this structured data looks like on the Google page: Another way to define this structured data in your web pages is to configure it from the HTML code of your website or blog, using the Schema Markup platform .

The trick is to do it with the largest number of pages, be they blog posts, products, among others. With these tricks you can increase your CTR effectively, however, to know if it works it is necessary to measure it. How to measure organic CTR? Google Search Console is the ideal tool to measure the CTR that you are getting organically. How? To do this, it is necessary to enter the tool, go to the “Search Results” section, then “Search Analysis”, and at the end click on “Pages and CTR”. Here it will appear as a total percentage of clicks and the average CTRs obtained by each of your product pages or blog posts. You can also segment your analysis with the filters for each indicator, such as: country, in case you have a website positioned in several nations; page, if you want to analyze the performance of specific posts on your website; queries, so that you know which are the keywords that generate the most traffic to your pages and you can optimize your appearance in Google to include new keywords; devices, to find out if your page receives more clicks on a smartphone than on a regular computer, for example; dates, which show you the evolution or reduction of your CTR over time; and others.

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