CREATE A SHOPIFY ACCOUNT Go to to start a 14-day free trial. Enter your email, name, and store name (you can change your store French Email Lists name later if needed). Screenshot showing Shopify signup form After you select Create your store, you’ll see a “Tell us a little about yourself” page. Your answers here only affect the advice emails Shopify sends you in their newsletter. On French Email Lists the next page, enter your name and mailing address. If you started a corporation, use your business address. Otherwise, use your home address. Once you click Enter my store, you’re all set! 4. SELECT & CUSTOMIZE YOUR SHOPIFY

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THEME There are lots of options and things to click now. Don’t worry — I cover most of it in this article. The only thing you should think about right now is your store’s theme. A theme is a pre-created website design you can add to your store to make it look pretty without writing code. There French Email Lists are hundreds of themes to choose from; some are better than others. Many third-party developers create themes French Email Lists you can use that aren’t in the Shopify theme store. To edit your store’s theme, click Online Store > Themes then click the Visit Theme Store button. Screenshot showing selecting Shopify themes You’ll go to Shopify’s theme store,

French Email Lists

which has free and paid themes. RECOMMENDED THEMES To help you save time so you don’t have to wade through hundreds of themes to find one you like, here are some themes I recommend; some are free, some are paid. I prefer a minimalistic design since they’re French Email Lists easy to edit and look great with minimal effort (pun definitely intended). 1. Minimal Screenshot showing Shopify Minimal theme French Email Lists Free Like its name, this is a minimalistic theme with few bells and whistles. It’s clean, easy to use, and looks darn good. More is often less — and that’s why I love this

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