This can increase your conversions AND your average order value. Just make sure you advertise that you offer this on your site — more on that in Step 12. ACCOUNT Greece Email List SETTINGS If you have a partner or a virtual assistant, you can give them an account on this page. Click Add staff account and choose what you want them to have access to. Screenshot showing Shopify staff account settings LEGAL SETTINGS Greece Email List This is an important setting — without it, you’re operating illegally. Every online store needs a Refund Policy, a Privacy Policy, and a Terms of Service (ToS) Agreement. Luckily, Shopify can generate one for you based on your

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settings. Again, remember we are not lawyers and this is not legal advice. Once your store starts generating revenue, I recommend having an attorney Greece Email List review these documents for you. Simply click the three Create from template buttons under each section. Screenshot showing Shopify refund policy template Next, create pages for each document. Right-click Online Store and open it in a new tab (so it’s Greece Email List easy to copy and paste from the Legal settings page). Under Online Store, click Pages then Add page. Screenshot showing Shopify pages setting Title the first page “Refund Policy”. Go back to your legal settings tab and copy the

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entire refund policy, then paste it in the new Refund Policy page in the other tab. Click Save. Repeat for your “Privacy Policy” page and “Terms of Service” page. PREFERENCES Greece Email List This is the only setting not under the “Settings” page; instead, go to Online Store > Preferences. Screenshot showing Shopify SEO settings First, edit your store’s meta title and description — the text that appears in the search engines. Greece Email List Screenshot showing ecommerce store in Goolge search result Some tips for your metadata… The max title length is 60 characters; the max description is 160 characters. Add your keyword in the title and description (click here for more

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