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We are experts in loyalty and incentives · We like to create unique experiences, ACL Direct Promo · We know about Relationship Marketing We are experts in loyalty and incentives · We like to create unique experiences, Botswana Email Lists Digital marketing is a key element to improve the relationship between an organization and its clients, regardless of the sector in which it operates, and SEO and social media, two important strengths in this regard. This is the main conclusion drawn from the survey carried out by big mouth media, a specialist in digital marketing since 1997 and one of the leading agencies in online marketing, among Spanish companies from all sectors of activity in order to analyze the budget allocated by organizations to online marketing actions and what are the activities that obtain better results and greater profitability.

Currently, practically the vast majority of the companies that participated in the survey (89.5%) affirm that digital marketing has helped them improve their relationship with their customers. A fact that, in the opinion of Manuel Jura do Gras, general director of big mouth media in Spain, “highlights the importance of the digital medium. The role of the Internet is increasing when it comes to defining the marketing strategy of companies. In fact, -he continues- 64.5% maintain that they have a higher budget than the previous year to develop their digital media strategy ”.

Regarding how this investment is distributed, the survey shows that 72.3% of the participating organizations claim to have allocated part of their budget to growing their brand image on social media. An activity that has exceeded what, until now, was considered the first action to be carried out within an online marketing campaign: search engine positioning, to which 63.2% of the companies surveyed have dedicated part of the money they have available for these actions. “Although it is true – Jura do Gras points out – Both actions are complete, the games move in a very wide range, as there are organizations in which the investment does not exceed 20,000 euros and others in which the figure exceeds 500,000 euros per year” .

Three other marketing actions stand out above the rest as investment destination: the management of pay per visit (PPC or SEM) in which 55.3% of the surveyed companies invest; the acquisition of customer relationship management tools, which consider as investment up to 44% of the firms participating in the study and display advertising, on which 43.4% of the surveyed companies bet. On the other hand, the survey reveals that there are new areas that will end up being imposed such as mobile marketing, a market in which 40% of the companies surveyed say they have entered.

Profitability expectations and upward trends within digital marketing

It is also interesting to highlight the results offered by the study on the expectations that companies have regarding the marketing actions in which they invest. At this point, 63.2% of the companies surveyed expect to achieve the expected return on their investment in social media, an action they trust even more than search engine positioning, an area that 46.1% of companies respondents considered potentially profitable. Behind it is web analytics, of which 26.3% of companies expect to achieve the expected results.

This podium of activities is completed with four more that companies will highlight as potentially profitable: mobile marketing (by 25% of companies); management of pay per visit and usability (both actions were considered profitable by 23.7% of the surveyed firms) and investment in CRM, by 22.4%.

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