Screenshot Meta In-stream ads criteria Vietnam Phone Number not met Extra income for the owners of the videos. In fact, this option is not new. Because Facebook already placed ads in videos where the algorithm found it appropriate and where the right target group could be reached. As the placer of the video, you had Vietnam Phone Number no influence on this at all and, moreover, until now only Facebook made money from these ad placements.

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What’s new is that this option can now also Vietnam Phone Number provide additional income for the owners of the videos. With this, Facebook gives up part of the revenue. But at the same time it is also more attractive for content creators to put videos directly in Facebook (and use it natively). Since this is video content, this Vietnam Phone Number option only applies to Facebook. Also read: The effect of iOS 14 on Facebook Advertising.

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In-stream ads for live You can also have Vietnam Phone Number advertisements placed in live videos. The conditions for this are actually the same as the conditions for the normal in-stream ads, but in the last 60 days, as indicated, 60,000 watch minutes in live videos must have taken place. It is therefore also mandatory that Vietnam Phone Number of the 5 videos that you have on your account, at least 3 are also live videos.

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