With a good story, you can touch, entertain S Thailand B2B List , and surprise your customer. But how do you tell the story of your organization in a creative and effective way? What types of content fit your brand and message?  , and webinars. You’ll learn the 7 golden rules for creating results You know the most important types of content and which ones suit your organization You can tell stories that touch, entertain and inspire You have knowledge of content marketing, storytelling and inhalers and you know how to use this

You Achieve Optimal Results

It is recommended to use a headset with a good Thailand B2B List working microphone Study material. Is included Extensive lunch snacks and drinks included The group consists of a maximum of 12 people. All our training locations of course comply with the Thailand B2B List RIVM guidelines. In-company Follow the Getting started with content marketing training together with your team or. Interested? Read more here ! Recognition & Syria B2B List accreditation Digital Certificate of Participation Registered service provider Flanders SME portfolio NRTO quality mark Contact & advice creating content is an art that anyone can learn.

The Purchase of a Product or

Thailand B2B List

For this training we assume MBO Thailand B2B List thinking level. Trainer(s) Mendy Pluim is an experienced specialist when it comes to coming up with good content! Because with content you build brands. Good content connects. And that is exactly what every Syria B2B List brand and every organization needs. Dates Utrecht Register Practical This training consists of 1Syria B2B List day of training on location, 0.5 day of training in our virtual classroom and a 1-on-1 telephone coaching call An intake interview will take place prior to the training Needed during training: a laptop Syria B2B List or tablet with a stable internet connection that is suitable for video calling.

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