Monographic course on Internet Law at CEF.- Center for Financial Studies Know the legal responsibilities that exist in the digital environment to protect your company ACL Direct Promo · We know about Relationship Marketing We are experts in loyalty and incentives · Greece Email List We like to create unique experiences Advertisers have increased their outlook for advertising spending for the coming year according to the new report from the company Magna, which provides new data on the forecasts of advertising investment that deduces in this way a smaller decrease in market data.

In this way and according to the data in this new report, the forecasts for the decrease in advertising revenue are reduced to 1.3 percent for next year, as opposed to the 2.1% expected according to the forecasts of just three years ago. months, which equates to an overall growth of 1.2 percent.


Globally, advertising revenues would reach 159,000 million dollars for the fourth quarter of 2010, coinciding with the moment in which a greater recovery of the economy is expected.

These figures reflect a moderate rate of decline compared to the 13% decrease in revenues experienced during the third quarter and 18% in both the first and second quarters of the current year.

For the fourth quarter of 2009, advertising revenues are expected to decrease by 9 percent compared to the same period of the previous year, which remained unchanged from the estimate made in July.

Among the first conclusions that we find in this paper is that to create an online video – hosted on our own website or on You Tube – we must completely forget about the language of television. An online video cannot be conceived in the same way as a television spot. The Internet user has nothing to do with the viewer. The Internet user is an active being, not a passive one, who wants answers to his concerns and who seeks communication and fun instantly. It is necessary to “connect online” with him, and do it quickly, since in a thousandth of a second, he looks the other way. Through video you have to create the need and desire to take the user to action, that is, to complete what the site suggests. And, although video marketing does not need the budgets of a television action,

But do I need a video marketing? And if I need it, what kind?

In the study Multiplica has detected what would be the premises to know whether or not a video marketing is needed. Although video marketing is an effective formula, it is not always needed, so a video without a why can be counterproductive. In general, a video should be integrated into an online presence whenever it is necessary to tell stories that may interest site users, to explain the advantages of the product with respect to the competition, to contextualize the product in its use in the ‘ real life ‘, to humanize the online sales process or to improve our search engine positioning. The use of video will always bring high levels of credibility and will have a greater impact on the mind of the user.


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