But what is the exact goal of a newly Kenya B2B List established social media account? What do you want to achieve with powerful social media when answering this. Questions, you need to be as detailed as possible. For example, “I want to attract an audience” doesn’t reduce it. How do you want to engage your audience? Do you blog frequently, share videos Kenya B2B List in the background, use social media as your primary channel for customer support? How will you interact with your audience ? What will your brand voice be? The more detailed you are Kenya B2B List about your goals and your plan to achieve them, the more control you have over what you post, what comments you reply to, and.

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Introduce community rules as early as Kenya B2B List possible Establishing community rules and guidelines .Early on is critical for any business. This will set the tone for how you interact with both offline and online audiences. Yes! Let’s say your Kenya B2B List customers and followers don’t know what’s and isn’t allowed on social media accounts. In that case, no one would blame them for going too far – making insulting complaints, leaving hateful Kenya B2B List comments, insulting other members of the community, and similar “toxic behavior”. Even if none of your followers have read your Community

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Specify which types of posts may be removed Kenya B2B List and what to do if someone doesn’t follow the guidelines. Clear community guidelines not only help you determine how to react to different followers, but also help you spread your brand Kenya B2B List message. Fun Read: How to Use Social Media Communities to Grow Your Brand 3.   Employees accidentally uploaded sketchy posts on Kenya B2B List business social media accounts instead of using their social accounts. They wrongly answer public customer questions, making your brand the target of much criticism. They upload poorly chosen links and images.

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