lso consider the tone of voice Who says Bosnia and Herzegovina that your Flemish customer wants.  To be addressed in the same way as his northern neighbours? Small things can create distance The anecdote from my student days made me Bosnia and Herzegovina realize that even the smallest linguistic details can make you bond with someone. This implies that small things can also cause distance. And distance is what you can’t use when you’re a newcomer to a particular market. Be thoroughly prepared when you move your company to another Bosnia and Herzegovina country, that’s all I want to tell you.

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It is also about creating a bond through Botswana Email Lists written and spoken words, to make the other feel: look, we belong together. And that’s why I urged Chris, the stubborn entrepreneur who wants to conquer Belgium with a website that is Botswana Email Lists intended for the Dutch market, to start a .be site with Flemish texts. Chris, I admit candidly: you may be right about something. Perhaps your Flemish target group will understand what you are trying to sell. But is that enough? When your potential Flemish customer is directed to a .nl website Bosnia and Herzegovina .  Via an advertisement, will he not wonder whether your company does

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Why do you ask that? And more Botswana Email Lists importantly: how do you know which region I come from?” ‘Deus’, that was my answer. Language = identity Language is identity, just like dialect and accent. These linguistic elements create recognition, and thanks to that recognition, they inspire confidence: “Hey, that person Bosnia and Herzegovina speaks like me, so he’s like me.” My student days are now ten years behind me. My experience with Chaim and the word ‘deus’ now makes me realize that that one silly word – strange but true – was part of his and my identity on a microscopic level (and probably of dozens of young people from Papendrecht and the surrounding area). Also read: Dutch vs. Flemish: talk nonsense or swans, please? Communicating in Bosnia and Herzegovina a certain language is therefore not just a matter of ‘really understand what I mean’.

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