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The CEO of  assures that he “does now not see the crisis anywhere” in the marketing and on-line Marketing zone, but has installed itself as a field where professionals and groups are locating “a brand new universe of enterprise possibilities” . Web positer , search engine optimization and online advertising organisation, raises on this in-depth interview a number of the issues that most issue specialists and brands.

Webpositer, based in 2001 and integrated into the group Producciones Digitales del Mediterráneo, specializes in seek engine positioning, social media advertising and marketing and on line popularity. In 2012 it opened a new section, committed to interviews with Social Media experts and professionals in marketing and on line advertising, with the unique collaboration of the head of Puromarketing , the leading digital newspaper of specialists inside the region.

Since it started out in 2007 as a «interest»of its founder, Toledo has managed to show this on line conversation medium right into a benchmark and speaker of the maximum outstanding information in marketing and advertising. Drawing on his career path, he assures new entrepreneurs “that it’s miles worth a try, that they can do it, and that they are now not scared of making mistakes.” In this experience, he shares the philosophy of Webpositer whilst he considers that “the important element is the general consequences and studying alongside the way.” And to take stock of these consequences, Toledo reminds Webpositer that “a lot of staying power is needed, believing in oneself and principally perseverance in their work.”

Linked to the world of layout and new technology for extra than 15 years, Andrés Toledo has obtained distinctive awards and recognitions for his work as an expert in the control and development of information platforms and Internet portals. For this renowned professional, the name of the game of Puro marketing’s success lies in having “the essential understanding and a spark of expertise”, a formula to that is introduced “perseverance, willpower and plenty of work and involvement to attain it. You need to blindly trust to your very own ideas and recollect that any goal can be finished if we work reliably ».

Another key that this expert well-known shows to the Webpositer Agency is to guess on steady renewal. “In a international like the Internet, wherein the entirety modifications unexpectedly, it is vital to never forget about to constantly innovate and realize the way to evolve trying to enhance every day”, asserts the CEO.

The value of social media for manufacturers

The founding partner of Puro marketing has explained to Web positer that social networks represent “the scene of all battles” for plenty brands, where actual crises can start “which might be able to inflicting million-dollar losses to the most coordinated rebellion by using their own customers and clients , thereby affecting the picture of the logo itself.

However, Andrés Toledo emphasizes the relevance of the usage of these social media, due to the fact they are platforms that allow agencies to generate higher relationships; pay greater interest for your customers and customers; listen to them and take part of their conversations, hence enhancing the information of their hobbies.

Crisis in on-line marketing

The Web positer Agency wanted to realize first-hand the opinion of the director of Puro marketing at the effects of the disaster on on line advertising. For Andrés Toledo, the marketing and on line advertising and marketing area is presented as a «new universe of enterprise opportunities».

In reality, the modern figures for advertising and marketing investment and the boom in on line techniques by way of businesses and types, in addition to brief and medium-time period forecasts, reveal this. In this zone, “I do not see the disaster anywhere , ” he asserts.

The government director of this publication emphasizes in Webpositer that “Internet and new technologies as a whole provide us the opportunity to start a professional adventure full of awesome studies and emotions, and with many opportunities to consolidate a business”, since they are depositories of a huge a part of the funding waft that formerly fell in sectors consisting of creation.

This new funding approach is, in the phrases of Toledo, “a excellent sign for Spain, regardless of the disaster . ” For this expert IT consultant, organizations and brands at the moment are “greater conscious” of the power of the Internet, of social media and of the brand new position that purchasers collect, extra social and influential than ever.

“The Internet is experiencing a 2nd golden age and the advertising and marketing and on-line advertising sector is obviously taking advantage of this,” Toledo explains to the Webpositer Agency.

Predictions for 2012 found out on Webpositer

Although the government director of Puromarketing affirms in Webpositer that he does no longer usually launch predictions, he does recollect that crucial modifications will arise this 12 months whilst groups placed into practice the information obtained during 2011 on social networks: “I think it will likely be the yr of Social CRM ».

In addition, Toledo predicts that “in a short time” we will witness a transformation of the tv medium – the only one which nonetheless has a better advertising and marketing funding than on line media – into a new technology of connected televisions , with which the Internet might obtain the definitive supremacy. “The actual revolution may want to come a touch later, whilst linked tv can simply be truely prolonged and consolidated,” he concludes.

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