It encourages people to stay isolated Eritrea B2B List and maintain social distancing to limit the spread of the coronavirus. Examples of social media storytelling Why is social media storytelling important? Connecting with others is one of the highest Eritrea B2B List forms of human communication. Storytelling is key. If you are telling a story and the other person is telling the story, you two are in sync. Storytelling is a trigger for communication, which is why it is Eritrea B2B List so powerful. Storytelling has powerful psychological power, making it a powerful marketing tool: Emotional: When you hear a story and feel a personal connection, it’s not just theoretical, it’s personal.

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It’s based on some fascinating Eritrea B2B List neuroscience facts. When listening to a story, more areas of your brain activate and become active. This is why storytelling strengthens relationships and emotional attachment more than facts. Action: The connections and Eritrea B2B List emotions a story evokes don’t just tug at our heartstrings; they greatly influence our behavior. A series of experiments by  Paul Zak bears out this fact. People who watched videos about sick boys had higher levels of oxytocin in their brains, which made them more inclined to Eritrea B2B List donate to strangers. Value: Stories do evoke emotion, empathy, and action in us.

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Not only that, but stories have a huge impact Eritrea B2B List on how we perceive the value of things. Brands can add more subjective value to their products through invented stories. This theoretical conclusion has been proven by the Important Eritrea B2B List Objects project. Memory: Storytelling is embedded in our culture, etched in our hearts and therefore tied to our memories. Stories make us remember things more clearly and keep them in our long-term memory.  How to tell stories on social media Eritrea B2B List platforms? Stories allow us to build brand personality and easily connect with customers.

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