In the world of content, podcasts have become a more than emerging star. From being one of the notorious failures of the first years of the network, they have become one of those formats with a solid and popular presence, for which content platforms have entered a war to be those who have the most and the best offer of podcasts. Tanzania Email List The interest in capturing the stars of the format and the most successful programs makes sense. On the one hand, the payment model is beginning to be positioned in subscription services such as Spotify. On the other, podcasts have become a booming element in terms of the advertising market. Advertisers are paying more attention to them, because their audience is very high but also the consumer response to their advertising formats is very positive.

For example, one of the latest studies has addressed the immediate future of podcast advertising in the United States by the IAB. Their projections speak of growth and this point can be used to understand how things will be in a much more global way. In the past year, podcast revenue grew 19%. If you look at the fourth quarter of the year independently, it was 37%. For the next few years, it is expected to continue to rise and to already have an advertising revenue of 2 billion dollars in 2023.

To all this we must add that podcasts have also positioned themselves as an element of value on the rise in terms of content marketing. More and more companies are launching their own company podcasts, as in the past they launched blogs or opened social media profiles.

But, in general, when it comes to advertising spend or using podcasts as content marketing, you think of big companies. What about SMEs? Are small companies ready and prepared to use podcasts as a way to reach consumers?

The state of things in SMEs
The question could almost be answered with a depends. Marketing managers of SMEs are getting all those messages and all those studies that warn of the importance of podcasts and their growth, but they are not really doing that much in that field. The negative view is quite minimal, but those who think about doing something still win over those who have already done it. The data on this perception of things are European.

One of the latest studies Statista Research Department has addressed how they are managing marketing managers of SMEs using advertising in podcasts. In general, the most common thing when managers are asked if their SMEs are using podcast advertising is that they answer that they imagine using it. That is, podcast advertising looks positive and has potential for the future, but those who have already campaigned are a minimal group.

In Spain, only 17% of SME managers say that they have already done advertising campaigns in podcasts. 14% make it clear that they prefer not to do them and 6% that they do not know. A majority 63% say they would consider advertising on podcasts and imagine doing so.

The data for Spanish SMEs are very similar to those presented by SMEs from other European countries that have been studied by those responsible for the study. 25% of German SMEs, 18% of Dutch and 23% of French have already used podcast advertising, compared to 48% of German, 44% of Dutch and 59% of French who he imagines doing it.


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