Getting the most out of the marketing campaigns you undertake is essential for the growth of your company or entrepreneurial project. As the world has been transforming in recent decades with the emergence of new technologies, direct channels have appeared with which to adapt to a new reality that has changed the way we live, communicate, do business and arrive to our consumers. Email marketing is an essential tool to achieve our outreach and sales goals. If you want to know what email marketing is , Switzerland Phone Number List this is your post. It may interest you: Master in Digital Marketing INDEX OF CONTENTS What is e-mail marketing E-mail marketing is one of the main keys in the world of marketing and consists of the communication technique in which we use e-mail to attract potential clients.

It is one of the most effective ways in the marketing world to convert leads (contacts) into customers. Email has become a direct channel with which we can adapt our content to different audiences and that is something that more companies know every day, who do not hesitate to create their own newsletters and to contact interested people by sending campaigns that they can achieve great results. To give you an idea of ​​the scope you can achieve using this resource, you just need to know that today there are more than four billion registered email accounts. Incorporating email marketing into your communication strategies will allow you to retain your audience, increase sales and improve the image of the brands you work with. With a minimal investment, the benefit you will get can be immense.

We advise you to review our post on the 15 best email marketing tools for your business , where you can find the best platforms to work with. Understanding email marketing as a tool with which to build lasting relationships with your audience is important, becoming an ally that will allow you from offering discounts to your subscribers or exclusive content to creating campaigns with which you get responses to satisfaction surveys, inscriptions to informative seminars in which you present your products and / or services. The options are endless! What are the benefits of email marketing When working with e-mail marketing it is important that you always keep in mind that everything is based on taking care of relationships with your readers.

Above all, because by doing so none of them will consider unsubscribing from your shipments, something we will talk about later. For now, let’s list the main benefits of this incredible means of communication: Information exchange (1) We are not only talking about a sales method, but also a form of communication that helps users to get information and subscribe to those services in which they may be interested. Thanks to the analysis of the behavior of our readers we will be able to discover what they are interested in and how to offer them the content that most catches their attention. Traffic redirection (2) If what you are looking for is to boost your traffic, our advice is that you start by taking care of your SEO before playing all your cards to email marketing.

Think that organic searches on your website are the ones that generate the highest traffic flow. Of course: by sending email campaigns you can also enhance it. E-mail marketing: what it is, how it works and templates [GUIDE] – stephen phillips hostreviews co uk 3Mhgvrk4tjM unsplash 1024x683Customization in shipments (3) E-mail marketing is a way to communicate with established clients and new users, gathering them all in a database that you want to increase with different strategies. Segmentation is essential to attract users with different needs. Thinking about their location, preferences and interests, subscription source and their purchase history will help you generate conversions and, therefore, increase your sales. Distinguish campaigns by types of consumers! Data collection (4) For this, it is essential that you attend to the users who respond to each of your shipments, especially since we are talking about potential customers that you can convert into sales.

Do not forget to invite your readers to respond to you, to give you their opinion and always value the importance of obtaining new data from each of them. Minimum investment (5) The automation of shipments and the ease of use of email marketing tools such as MailChimp will allow you to carry out campaigns for a minimum investment, both financial and time. Of course, never forget to include the following elements in all of them:A well thought out matter A header text that hooks A defined call to action (CTA) Textual and audiovisual elements (don’t forget your logo) An unsubscribe link Your contact details and social media buttons Increase in sales (6) When you send an e-mail marketing campaign you are knocking on the door of a multitude of clients or potential users interested in your products, so you will stimulate your sales. Remember that less is always more and that it will benefit you to present your content in a simple and direct way than to get tangled up in complex texts that lose the focus of your message.

Working on the design of a plant i lla Responsive (which suits all devices) and think well on the frequency of your posts: every strategy and campaign will have an objective and different time. Never fall into saturation or you will cease to be relevant. GUIDE Email marketing: the perfect guide to get started Download Constant Improvement Tool (7) Once you have defined the objectives of your campaigns, email marketing will allow you infinite possibilities with which you can follow up with which you will learn which hours and days lead to the best opening rates. In addition, you will be able to classify your audience in different lists and, above all, not lose sight of how important it is to plan a constant improvement in the communication that you put into practice with your audience.

Adapt to the feedback you get, establish a work routine that allows you to dedicate the necessary time to this task and think about what you can offer your customers in the next shipment. How about an exclusive trial period, a promotion the first to know, or a draw for subscribers? Types of emails There are different types of campaigns that will allow you to hit the target depending on the objective you are pursuing and the type of audience you want to seduce each time. These are the main types of emails that you can put into practice in your email marketing strategy: Newsletter They are defined because they are more generic and common communications in which you can deal with different topics, offering content related to your products at the same time that you echo the latest successes achieved by your company and review the main content published on your blog in the same communication. They usually have a defined periodicity and are sent to all the subscribers that we have in our database.

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