Within no time the reactions pour in and people UK Phone Number speak shame of the two actors. Top Notch, the record label to which Bilal was under contract. Announced the next day that it would stop all activities with regard to the artist. After which RTL and children’s broadcaster ZAPP followed. Wahib was invited to Beau van Erven Dorens’ talk show to talk UK Phone Number about the incident. But withdrew at the last minute because the victim’s family did not want it.

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Opinions on Wahib’s move vary: what this means for UK Phone Number his career is, according to some, too early to comment. 5. Formation chaos: ‘Position Omtzigt, function elsewhere. These were perhaps the four most discussed words after Thursday 25 March: ‘Position Omtzigt, function elsewhere’. The then scout for the new cabinet formation Kasja Ollongren tested UK Phone Number positive for corona. After which she left the Binnenhof in haste with collected notes under her arm.

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An attentive photographer from ANP UK Phone Number took a photo. The formation chaos was complete in no time. The memorandum was about CDA MP Pieter Omtzigt. The now former number two on the list who got the benefits affair on the table and is currently at home. Later that day, Kasja Ollongren and Annemarie Jorritsma resign and are UK Phone Number replaced by new scouts. On Thursday April 1, Rutte says in the debate that he has no ‘active memory’ of mentioning Pieter Omtzigt in the conversation with the scouts.


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