At a time when companies are producing more and more content, launch a B2B content marketing strategy is no longer an option. Content marketing, or content marketing in French, is a technique intended to attract potential customers while retaining the existing audience through the distribution of content. The goal ? Drain more traffic to your site, improve your notoriety and your e-reputation or even boost your SEO: it all depends on your objectives. A content strategy is generally deployed in a logic of lead acquisition and engagement. With over-solicited Internet users whose level of requirements continues to grow and increasingly fierce competitors, Saint Helena Email List your business must stand out. In this article, discover 10 best practices to adopt to create visible and effective content . content-marketing-b2b Define the objectives of your content marketing strategy Before embarking on content production, determine your specific goals and ask yourself how content marketing fits into your overall digital strategy.

Depending on your priorities, your content can be intended for: Develop your organic traffic or your sales, Improve your SEO or your conversion rate, Fuel your lead nurturing campaigns, Direct your readers to your products and services, Position yourself as an expert in your sector, … Choosing the types of content according to your objectives allows you to exploit the full potential of content marketing! Choose topics according to your keywords and your SEO strategy Once your objectives have been laid down, the research of subjects and themes can begin. Taking into account the keyword and semantic studies carried out as part of your SEO strategy will guide your choices. Keep in mind that the topics you might like to talk about are not necessarily the ones that your readers are most interested in! For example, the Ubersuggest tool guides you in keyword research, while giving you an overview of the strategies pursued by your competitors and the current trends of the SERPs targeted to discover new sources of traffic.

Target your personas with specific content Your audience is divided into several marketing personas which must be identified: age, location, role in the company … The idea is to address to each target the content (format, style, tone, vocabulary …) most able to meet their needs. Personalizing your content by considering the characteristics of these buyers personas is an excellent way to differentiate yourself from your competitors and improve your engagement rate by more easily reaching your targets. content-marketing-targets Use lead nurturing Thanks to your content, you collect many qualified leads : it’s a good start.


They should now be fed regularly until they are ripe for purchase. On the principle of lead nurturing , build a tunnel that includes the different stages until the act of purchase. The idea is to know what stage your lead is at in order to send them the right content at the best time. The marketing automation allows you to save time by automatically powering your leads through newsletters, webinars, white papers, promotions … Analyze the performance of your existing content Identifying which content works best so far will guide your content marketing . The themes and formats that generate the most organic traffic and conversions deserve to be studied carefully. They will serve as axes of reflection for the choice of the next contents. Moreover, you can decline them in other formats or approach the subjects from another different angle to scan as many keywords as possible. Monitor the performance of the best content of your competitors For successful content marketing, always keep the performance of competing content in your sights . And more specifically the organic traffic they generate.

To be used without moderation, the Rankplorer or Ahrefs tools provide you with valuable information on this subject. To probe the content that creates the buzz on social networks, Buzzsumo will be your best ally. Opt for easily shareable content The playful content formats lend themselves to sharing on social networks and facilitate the engagement and interaction. To gain notoriety and visibility, integrate infographics , visuals and videos into your content strategy . In primarily textual content such as blog posts, e-books, case studies or white papers, consider adding visuals to make reading more enjoyable. content-marketing-sharing Vary content formats All formats can be used to communicate relevant and useful information to your readers. If the term “content” initially evokes articles and posts on social networks, the only limit remains your imagination. Podcast, case study, buying guide, newsletter, quiz, tutorial, product sheet, video, FAQ: all means are good to stay in touch with your prospects and customers and improve your brand content ! However, be sure to maintain consistency with your brand image, your editorial line and the habits of your targets. Share your know-how Your content marketing aims to guide your readers by offering real added value.

Tutorial and guide-type content that responds to a “How…? “Are greatly appreciated. A study reveals that nearly 75% of Internet users trust educational content . Sharing your know-how through your content marketing allows your company to gain influence and increase its sympathy capital. Select the distribution channels for your content Depending on the types of content chosen, study the most appropriate distribution channels. They must be selected according to the resonance they can offer your content marketing but also according to the consumption habits of your targets. Brand site, partner sites, media, emails, social networks, paid campaigns, etc.: create the best synergy! Content marketing is an extremely powerful lever to put at the service of your business. Thanks to these 10 best practices, your B2B content strategy will be built on solid foundations. From the development to the implementation and performance analysis of your content marketing strategy , the Web Conversion team supports you. Do not hesitate to contact our experts to discuss your project.

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