By removing content that doesn’t help, you will decrease the time and cost of moving, and improve site performance. Say you have 50,000 monthly visitors, and some of your posts or landing pages are bringing in 50 visitors per month. Unless you can prove the majority of those 50 make a Colombia Email Address purchase each month, you should let those pages die. PRODUCTS Product data should be the next thing you move in your Colombia Email Address migration. It is needed to populate your product and category pages and to serve as a reference point for customer and order data when the time comes to migrate to Shopify.

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Product data can be exported from Magento in a CSV format, which creates a spreadsheet. Shopify can import data from CSV files. That seems straightforward Colombia Email Address enough. Screenshot showing a spreadsheet of exported ecommerce product data The problem is they don’t read product data in the same way, so without intervention, the CSV Magento produces is useless to Shopify. The architecture Colombia Email Address for handling products and variants doesn’t transfer from one to the other, so the data export from Colombia Email Address Magento must be extensively reformatted before Shopify can read it.

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There are apps that can handle this for very small product catalogs (anything over 50-100 total products and variations is likely to cause issues) like: Cart2Cart[*]Colombia Email Address Litextension[*] The issue with these software solutions is you can still end up with errors in your Colombia Email Address CSV files that need human intervention to fix. CUSTOMER DATA I am lumping several things in together here, because they’re related. Colombia Email Address Customer data Order history Discount codes Gift cards This is some of your most important and sensitive data, and you really want to get this right. Much like products, CSV import is an option, as is the Shopify API.

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