A Buyer Persona is a fictitious profile based on real customer data, it is the personification of the ideal customer of your company. It is the basis of the entire Digital Marketing strategy and content production. Unlike the generic target audience, the buyer persona has specific characteristics. Vitor Peçanha May 15, 20 | 22 min read Paraguay Phone Number List Who does your brand want to reach? Who do you produce content for? Who do you plan to communicate with? Who do you want to educate, entertain and convert? Every marketing strategy is obviously aimed at customers! But how do you produce a post or create a website layout with such a large and varied group of people in mind?

With this in mind, Alan Cooper , considered the father of buyer personas, extended the concept of a target audience and created a way to optimize, segment and define who that audience is, what they do, and what they like. This is why brands work with the concept of buyer persona: a semi-fictional character that represents the company’s clients, since it is created based on real data about them . It is about the buyer person, actually, that the strategies will be created . The creation of a buyer persona has helped companies a lot to plan more precise Digital Marketing strategies , aligned with the profile, interests and day of the clients. Therefore, we want to help you also use this tool in your business to optimize your content and campaigns.

Continue reading! What is a buyer persona? As we already said, it is a semi-fictional character, based on real data, that represents the ideal client of a brand. It is also known as an avatar . The objective is to create a profile that synthesizes the main characteristics of the clients so that the brand can create strategies that impact its audience and are able to satisfy their demands . To create the buyer persona, it is necessary to research: who are your customers; what is your job; What do you do during the day; how they are reported; what are your greatest needs. Therefore, buyer personas are based on data, not the assumptions of the marketing team. The concept of Buyer Personas was created by Alan Cooper , a software designer and programmer, when he developed a project management system in 1983. Kathy was a project manager and was interviewed by Cooper, who wanted to better understand her work. According to the programmer, she was a kind of primitive buyer persona.

Throughout the project, Cooper conducted internal dialogues, as if he were Kathy explaining what he needed from that software in his daily life. In this way, he began to understand the importance of the buyer persona: with her in mind, from the perspective of her doubts and real needs , it was easier to understand and solve complex design and interaction problems . Later, buyer personas were formalized by him and became a method of his design processes. Finally, in 1998, he released the book in which he explained the concept of buyer persona. On his website , he tells the whole story. Over the years, the buyer persona extrapolated the universe of interaction design and came to marketing. With Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing , the concept became even more popular. Today the buyer persona is one of the main planning tools for brands that focus their strategies on the consumer .

Here is a simple example of a person Diego, 30 years old, workaholic, married and marketing manager of a medium-sized company in the Digital Marketing area. He has an analytical profile and is focused on numbers, obsessed with news and innovations (he looks for news in the international market), he always wants to rate his team, he does not have much time and his schedule is tight. You would like to increase your results with marketing, generate more leads and qualified customers , increase your sales, innovate in your team’s strategies and be seen as an authority in the market. Their main obstacles are the lack of budget to invest in new solutions, the excess of tasks, the difficulty of managing time and the little manpower available to put all their ideas into practice. Persona or buyer persona is a semi-functional profile that represents the ideal customer of a company , created to help your business better understand who the customer is and what they need.

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