If we use our favorite foreign words Dubai Email List often enough, they may become loanwords. Words like anyway, cool, marketing, panini, croque monsieur and alphabet also once crept into the Dutch language as newcomers. And now we find them quite ordinary. I linger no longer. These are (in my humble opinion) the 25 most beautiful Dubai Email List words in the world: 1. Love — because love conquers all. In Dutch, by the way, much nicer than in English ( love is too light on the lips) or German ( Liebe is too hard). 2. Winterkill — an English word meaning ‘to be killed by winter’. It’s a morbid word, but oh so beautiful. And also not Dubai Email List translatable. If I ever start a metal band, I’ll call it Winterkill. 3. Muttermal — what is called birthmark in English and called birthmark in Dutch, is called Muttermal in German .

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he opening rhyme of the two movements Dubai Email List sounds wonderful to the ears.  Who doesn’t love a little passion? 5. Tickety-boo — this English word means “all right” or “as it Dubai Email List should be”: Everything is tickety-boo . It is either derived from the way children talk, or it comes from Hindi: ‘Tikai babu’ means ‘Everything is fine, sir’. 6. Mukushoh — if we can believe Ronald Giphart in his novel ‘I hug you with a thousand arms’ (and why shouldn’t we believe him?), then this is Japanese for ‘smile with the eyes’. One of my first sweethearts was a Japanese. She did indeed smile with her eyes. 7. Marram grass — as a child I was fascinated by the word marram grass. Marram grass grows in the dunes Dubai Email List so I made associations with the Second World War, with grass that protects itself against attacks from the sea by wearing a helmet. In German, marram grass is called Strandhafer , which means (you guessed it) beach oats.

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Also a nice one. 8. Alphabet Dubai Email List we owe many useful words to the Arabs : sugar, coffee, caravan, petrol, orange and even checkmate. But no other word has as much meaning for me as a copywriter than alphabet. Where would I Dubai Email List be without alphabet? 9. this is Afrikaans for lift. I think the great thing about lifting container is how unreliable the word sounds; it is reminiscent of a wooden orange box being lifted by kite rope. means ‘cotton candy’. The breath of a ghost, that’s what it means. Cool word. (By the way, I also like ‘cotton candy’ myself.) Do you want more African? This article on Froot gives a whole list of African words Dubai Email List that you and I should start using today.

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