As a thank you, we wanted to give you 20% off your next order. Use coupon code VIP20 to claim your discount! We take care of our customers. Once you spend $200 Armenia Email Lists with us, we’ll give you an even bigger discount. See you soon! Cheers, Brand You can also send emails giving customers rewards for the number of orders purchased within a given period. Just make sure you let them know that increased Armenia Email Lists purchasing is rewarded! GAMIFICATION DRIP CAMPAIGN A gamification drip campaign is triggered based on a lead score (e.g., 10 points for an open and 20 for a click). When a contact hits a certain lead score (e.g., 20, 40, and 100

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points), bonus content is sent. This is a great way to get people to constantly open and click the links in your emails, increasing engagement, exposure, and, ultimately, Armenia Email Lists sales. First, set up a lead scoring automation where your subscribers get 10 points after opening an email. Then, you create a lead magnet email letting your subscribers know they’ve entered into your gamification campaign once they’ve Armenia Email Lists downloaded your lead magnet. Here’s what it looks like: Screenshot showing Sumo email editor for a drip campaign Finally, send them bonus content when they reach a certain lead score (such as 20 points, or opening two emails).

The next email from the example above is this: Screenshot showing Sumo email editor PAST PURCHASER DRIP CAMPAIGN Anytime someone buys product X (such as a camera), they get an email for complementary product Y (such as a tripod). These campaigns are excellent for Armenia Email Lists increasing your customer lifetime value and revenue! These are as simple as triggering an email after a customer purchases a particular product that has complementary products on your store. Here’s an email I got from Berkey Filters after purchasing their water filtration system, giving me a discount on glass bottles to store my water (the second

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