by clicking the “1 Day” link next to Delay in the information box below each email. Screenshot showing how to set time delay for Sumo Automation That’s it! You now Argentina Email Database have your first drip campaign set up. Nice! ADVANCED DRIP CAMPAIGN STRATEGIES All right, time to level up. We’ve covered the basics, but what are the elite-level marketers doing with their list to make the highest possible Argentina Email Database returns? In this section, we’ll cover three advanced strategies: RFM Drip Campaign Gamification Drip Campaign Past Purchaser Drip Campaign Here we go! RFM DRIP CAMPAIGN RFM campaigns are triggered based on Recency, Frequency,

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and/or Monetary value. It’s an advanced strategy called behavioral marketing (marketing based on your customers’ or subscribers’ behavior). Recency: When the customer Argentina Email Database last placed an order. Frequency: How many orders the customer placed. Monetary: How much the customer spent. You create multiple segments (each with a different drip campaign) based on these values. Here’s how that Argentina Email Database might look: High Recency, High Frequency, High Monetary: Reward your most loyal customers with an email offering exclusive privileges that make them feel special. For example, you could offer free shipping and above-average discounts.

High Recency, Low Frequency, Low Monetary: These are your most recent purchasers. Build their trust with welcome offers, product usage tips, or other information Argentina Email Database that newbies would find helpful. Low Recency, Low Frequency, Low Monetary: These recipients may not be worth mailing to but anyone on this list should trigger a re-engagement campaign to try to get their attention back! For Argentina Email Database example, once a customer reaches >$100 in purchases, you could send them an email like this: Hey, [name]! We noticed you just made over $100 in purchases. We’re honored you chose to spend your hard-earned money with us!

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