showing ecommerce welcome email Use Sumo’s Reduce Cart Abandonment shortcut. Click here for detailed instructions. Use Sumo’s Increase Average Order Value Bahamas Email Lists shortcut. Click here for detailed instructions. Add security badges to boost trustworthiness. Check out our recommended Shopify app for this. Screenshot showing trust badges on ecommerce product page Week 5 – 8 Improve product page Bahamas Email Lists copy. Check out how to write product descriptions that convert. Add video demonstrations to your products. Add an upsell before checkout. Check out our recommended Shopify app for adding upsells. Screenshot showing ecommerce

Let You Know If Your Spouse is Cheating on You

upsell Week 9 – 12 Add related products at the bottom of every product page. Screenshot showing ecommerce related items Pitch Instagram influencers to promote Bahamas Email Lists your products. Check out our ecommerce influencer marketing strategy. Run retargeting ads to customers who abandoned their carts. Learn more about running Facebook ads for an ecommerce business. ONGOING Bahamas Email Lists MARKETING ACTIVITIES Send more emails to subscribers and existing customers. A/B test all your email opt-in forms and popups. Screenshot showing a/b test of Sumo forms Ask for testimonials from paying customers. DOWNLOAD ONE OF THE

TEMPLATES AND USE IT FOR YOUR BUSINESS That’s it! In summary, here’s the process to come up with a marketing plan for your business, whether your Bahamas Email Listsgoal is to generate higher blog traffic, build an email list, or grow your ecommerce revenue: Set a time-bound goal and then decide on a key metric to measure. Break your goal down into milestones and fit them into your set timeline. Bahamas Email ListsvMake a list of strategies that will help you achieve your goal — and prioritize high-impact activities. Execute your plan and measure the progress. To make things easy for you, I’ve created three marketing plans of the above in three separate

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