your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest). Reach out to people you mentioned in your posts and influencers in your niche. Screenshot showing outreach email to blog mentions Boost your content on Facebook for $10/day. To see how we got 100,000 visits in one Azerbaijan Mailing Data month on the Sumo blog, download the plan we used below. How To Get 100k Visits In One Month MARKETING PLAN TEMPLATE TO BUILD AN EMAIL LIST Goal: 1,500 new subscribers in 12 weeks Template: Build An Email List (go to File > Azerbaijan Mailing Data Make a copy to get your own copy) Screenshot showing grow email list marketing plan template Side

Want About a Cell Number is Just Moments Away

notes: The key to growing an email list boils down to your opt-in offers. Think about what you can offer to get visitors to join your list and how you deliver the offer before and after someone joins your list. This marketing plan has a combination of strategies to increase your site traffic and improve your Azerbaijan Mailing Data email opt-in conversion rate. However, it will be a lot more effective if you offer the right opt-in Azerbaijan Mailing Data reward to your audience. MILESTONES AND TIMELINE Week 1 – 4 Week 5 – 8 Week 9 – 12 400 new subscribers 900 new subscribers (Accumulative) 1,500 new subscribers (Accumulative) MARKETING STRATEGIES Week 1 – 4 Create content

upgrades and add click-trigger popups to your top 10 traffic blog posts (inside Google Analytics go to Behavior > Site Content > All Pages to see what your top traffic posts are). Then Azerbaijan Mailing Data check out these instructions to set up Sumo click trigger popups. Screenshot showing click trigger popup Create a Azerbaijan Mailing Data site-wide lead magnet that your audience desperately wants. Screenshot showing a site-wide popup on Sumo Add Welcome Mats (pictured below), Scroll Boxes, and Smart Bars to your top 10 traffic posts. Check out the instructions to set them up here. Screenshot showing a welcome mat on Sumo Email your LinkedIn contacts and ask them to join

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