consists of both long-term and short-term strategies. So even if you don’t hit 10,000 visits after 12 weeks, you’re building a strong foundation for future success. MILESTONES Australian Email Lists AND TIMELINE Week 1 – 4 Week 5 – 8 Week 9 – 12 1,750 sessions 5,000 sessions (Accumulative) 10,000 sessions (Accumulative) MARKETING STRATEGIES Week 1-4 Research keywords for new blog posts. Then, Australian Email Lists write 3-6 high-quality blog posts based on the keywords and publish them on your blog. Learn more about how to do that here. Screenshot showing Google search auto suggestions Email everyone you know about your blog.

Other With Someone Else Behind Your Back

Here’s an email template you can use: Subject: My new blog Body: Hey [Name], Happy Friday! How are you doing? I recently started a blog on [topic] and thought you would enjoy it. If you’re interested, check it out here: [URL] What do you think? Cheers, [Your Name] Add Sumo Share buttons to Australian Email Lists your blog. Check out the video with setup instructions. Screenshot showing Sumo homepage with share buttons Week 5 – 8 Reach out to bigger blogs for guest posting (try to line up 2-6 guest posts for down the road). Check out our detailed guide on guest posting for how to do it. Find 4-8 industry or niche newsletters and pitch your

evergreen content to get featured. Follow these steps to get more eyes on your content (including an email template you can use). Screenshot showing Dean Week 9 – 12 Answer 3-6 questions per week related to your blog post topics per week on Quora and link to your existing blog posts. Australian Email Lists Check out our detailed guide on getting Quora traffic for how to do it. Screenshot showing traffic from Quora ONGOING MARKETING ACTIVITIES Schedule the blog posts you’ve written. Craft a newsletter email to promote the blog posts to your email list when they go live. Screenshot showing Sumo newsletter email Promote blog posts to

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