Give them a reason to with a headline formula. #3: HEADLINE FORMULAS ON YOUR SMART BAR Your Smart Bar is meant to capture attention when somebody lands Burundi Email List on your website — and therefore, capture emails as well. It does a pretty good job of it, too, but you can help it live up to its full potential by including headline formulas in your Smart Bar call to action. Check out how Hello Focus uses a Burundi Email List headline formula in their Smart Bar: Screenshot showing the title on the landing page of Hello Focus A/B test your email optin headlines to find what resonates with your visitors. We tested a Question Headline against a variation of the

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Tutorial Headline and found that the Tutorial Headline won: Screenshot of two different list builder popups promoting the same content We collected 52% more emails because we ran this simple A/B test. HEADLINE FORMULAS IN YOUR LEDES Your lede (the opening paragraph for an article, Burundi Email List sales page, or other written resource) is meant to capture interest, attention, and draw the reader down the page or screen. You know what does just that? You guessed it! Headline formulas. Great ledes often read like great headlines – or maybe vice versa. For example, in this Xconomy article, the lede uses a strong headline formula — The

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Fortune Teller Headline:[*] Screenshot showing the first sentence on a content piece by Wade Roush When you’re writing the opening sentence or paragraph for your next post or sales page, consider how you can weave a headline formula into it. HEADLINE FORMULAS IN YOUR Burundi Email List TESTIMONIALS Remember when we told you that testimonials can increase conversions by 34%? Can you imagine Burundi Email List how effective a testimonial would be if it had a badass headline attached to it? You could use the Testimonial Headline (How [Company] Got [Result] In [Timeframe]) as a template for your testimonials page. Or, you could use a

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