important, such as a discount or new products.) One great example is this blunt and straightforward email from Noah Kagan: Subject: I’m removing you from my email list Screenshot showing an email HOW TO SET UP A DRIP CAMPAIGN Here’s a step-by-step guide to set up a drip campaign Antigua and Barbuda Email lists using Sumo (but it works similarly with pretty much any email marketing platform). STEP 1: CREATE AN EMAIL AUTOMATION In your Sumo account, click Email > Automations > + Create Automation. Screenshot Antigua and Barbuda Email lists showing how to set up Automations on Sumo Fill out the details on the next page. The name is just for you; your subscribers won’t

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see it. For this example, I’ll be creating a welcome campaign. Screenshot showing Sumo Automation settings Click Create Automation >. You’ll be directed Antigua and Barbuda Email lists to an overview screen where you can see all the emails in your automation and how your email gets triggered (e.g., joining your list triggers a welcome email). STEP 2: WRITE YOUR EMAILS To write your first email, simply click Antigua and Barbuda Email lists the email icon below the Trigger. Screenshot showing how to add emails to Sumo Automation From here you can set your From Name, Subject, Reply To email, Preview Text, and write your email content. Go ahead and fill these out, then click Save

Email > in the bottom right. Screenshot showing the Sumo Automation email editor Not sure what to say? Click the button below to get my fill-in-the-blank drip Antigua and Barbuda Email lists campaign templates for you to copy-paste right into your content box! Get My Drip Campaign Templates Once you’re finished with this email, write a few follow-up emails to send out over the following days/weeks/months (depending Antigua and Barbuda Email lists on how ambitious you’re feeling and how much flexibility you want in your sending schedule). When you’re done, it should look something like this: Screenshot showing a drip campaign on Sumo Pro Tip: You can set the delay time between emails

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