are scrolling through podcast episodes in iTunes, you want them to choose your podcast rather than the thousands of others. Let’s say you were looking for a podcast Brunei Email Lists episode on healthy eating. Because it’s the new year, and you have resolutions to achieve! Which podcast episode Brunei Email Lists are you more likely to listen to? This one, titled “Healthy Eating”: Screenshot of the title of a podcast episode Or “11 Healthy Eating Brunei Email Lists Habits of the Super Fit”? Screenshot showing the headline of a podcast episode Trick question. You’ll choose the latter. #3: HEADLINE FORMULAS IN YOUR VIDEO TITLES Don’t overlook your video headlines.

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On a platform with over 400 million videos like YouTube, you need yours to stand out from the crowd. An example of a strong headline for a video is one of Brunei Email Lists Sumo’s usage of the Celebrity Headline, “How Tony Robbins Generates 1,000,000 Website Visitors Per Month”: Screenshot of the Brunei Email Lists title of a video published by Sumo It makes you want to know how Tony Robbins Brunei Email Lists does it, increasing the likelihood you’ll press “play”. HEADLINE FORMULAS IN YOUR SEARCH ENGINE METADATA Keywords people are searching for is the most important thing to focus on for SEO, right? Maybe. But the “key word” (pun intended) in that sentence above is people.

Humans are searching for those keywords. When Google drums up the results for them and they’re scanning the first few options, you need to entice Brunei Email Lists them to click on your content first. While your headline in your content may (and should) differ from what you Brunei Email Lists set as your meta headline, it’s still important to incorporate those keywords into something that people want to click. For example, Brunei Email Lists when I type “easy healthy recipes” into Google, these results come up: Screenshot showing the headlines on a google search result The first result I wanted to click on was “52 Healthy Meals in 12 Minutes or Less”. That’s because it promised

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