Thick Ass Bermuda Email Lists ($350,562.43 gross Sumo sales) Thick Ass Glass has made $304,989.31 (87% of gross Sumo sales) from the abandoned cart strategy. They offer a 10% discount for cart abandoners. RANK #2: TAFT Taft sells unique, high-quality boots and shoes Bermuda Email Lists for men. They have free shipping, free returns, and free exchanges anywhere in the US. Bermuda Email Lists Gross Sales From Sumo: $1,816,576.13 #1 Sales Strategy: Welcome Strategy Using this welcome strategy, Taft has made $1,641,170.44 (90% of gross sales from Sumo).

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Screenshot showing Sumo form stats How It Works: Taft shows this $20 off welcome offer five seconds after someone has been on the mobile version of their site Bermuda Email Lists (excluding cart and checkout pages). The image dimensions are 738 pixels wide × 1146 pixels tall, so they look great on mobile. Screenshot showing a form discount form When someone enters their email to get the $20 off, they get a discount code they can copy, and a link to continue shopping the site. Screenshot showing a Sumo discount form This simple welcome strategy has been responsible for $1,641,170.44 in sales. RANK #3: MILITARY HIPPIE Military Hippie is an

Bermuda Email Lists

online boutique for inspired women. They mix luxurious fabrics, bold styles, and good karma into every piece. Gross Sales From Sumo: $1,407,364.95 #1 Sales Strategy: Average Order Value Strategy Using one average order value (AOV) Bermuda Email Lists strategy, and testing different discount incentives Military Hippie has made $1,078,175.23 (76% of gross sales). Screenshot showing Sumo form stats How It Works: Military Hippie shows this bar at the top of their site when someone first visits Bermuda Email Lists to incentivize them to spend more. Screenshot showing a Sumo increase average order value smart bar As people add items to their cart, the bar updates to tell people how far away they are from getting the discount.

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