Topic / Service / Benefits]. [Expert Name] has worked with some of our top sites like [Three Past Customers]. This is your chance to get 30 minutes on their calendar. This is not a Belarus Email Lists webinar. And yes, it’s free. Because we love you. =) We only have a few spots left. Find a time [here] (Link to your calendar). [Your Company] hugs, [Your Name] Why It Works: This email has: A strong hook: “I really don’t want you to miss out on Belarus Email Lists meeting our [Your Topic] expert.” Benefits: “…share their screen and show you exactly how to [Your Topic / Service / Benefits].” Social proof: “Our expert has worked with some of our top sites like [Your Past Customers].”

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Objection handling: “This is not a webinar. And yes, it’s free.” A strong call-to-action with scarcity: “We only have a few spots left. Find a time [here] (Link to your calendar).” It works because it’s literally a mini sales page. When It Works Best: You can use this email anytime after your first follow-up email. It Belarus Email Lists gives your prospect slightly more information about your offering and a reason to take action Belarus Email Lists immediately. Example Of It Working: Screenshot showing follow-up email sample #5 Follow-up email sample #6: The last straw Hey [First Name], My boss asked me to check-in. =) Are you interested in [Your Topic / Service / Benefits]? If yes, you

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can find a time [here] (Link to your calendar). If no, please tell me so we can save our inboxes! Hot sauce, [Your Name] Why It Works: First, you’re giving the prospect a Belarus Email Lists reason why you’re being slightly pushy (i.e., so you save each other’s inboxes). Instead of waiting for a response forever, this email dives straight to the objective. If your prospects are interested, they can book a time directly; if not, Belarus Email Lists you both save time and inboxes. When It Works Best: Use this template as the last follow-up email after sending five to six follow-ups. You probably won’t get a response here, but it’s worth giving it one last shot before you marked your lead

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