Master in Digital Marketing Management – UPF-BSM Acquire specialized knowledge to manage the digital marketing of your organization. ACL Direct Promo · Mali Email Lists  We know about Relationship Marketing We are experts in loyalty and incentives · We like to create unique experiences Celebrating your birthday or getting together with your family and friends in a movie theater closed just for you is now possible thanks to Cinesa .  And the fact is that the leading company in cinematographic exhibition in Spain has decided to take a further step in its commitment to the events sector, which until now was restricted to the business field, offering its clients the possibility of renting their rooms to organize their private encounters. This service, available from Monday to Thursday except holidays and the eve of holidays, includes both normal rooms and LUXE rooms,

which offers viewers a multitude of possibilities when it comes to designing their events and enjoying premieres and other catalog films in a way. exclusive. Both the rental of the first, at a total price of 250EUR, and that of the second, whose rate is 275EUR, includes the reservation of the room, the projection of a film, the entrance and a menu for each attendee up to 20 people . The company also offers the possibility of expanding the number of attendees to these sessions. Thus, in the case of normal rooms, the price per additional person is 12.50EUR, while in the case of LUXE rooms, it is 13.75EUR. “The Cinesa theaters are the ideal space for our clients to hold their private meetings. We have rooms of all kinds, with more or less capacity, and we are committed to the LUXE concept, with which our clients can enjoy reclining seats and consume Oscar’s Bar premium products. In short,

we offer our customers many different options specially designed so that they can adapt to any need and preference “, explains Ramon Biarnés , Managing Director of Cinesa – Southern Europe (Spain, Italy, Portugal & Germany). A personalized experience With the aim of offering its clients an exclusive experience that responds 100% to the requirements of the meeting to be organized, Cinesa offers the possibility of thematizing events. Thus, it allows its clients to put an image or video before the film, offer a gift to the honoree or all the attendees and even serve a birthday cake. Regarding the menu, for their part, customers will have two options available: the adult menu, which consists of medium-sized popcorn and water or soda, and the children’s menu, with mini popcorn, juice or water and chocolate. However, and in line with the aim of fully personalizing the experience, Cinesa also offers the possibility of customizing the menu with other options, such as, for example, substituting some of the ingredients for a pizza or a hotdog. To be able to enjoy this service, the reservation must be made at least ten days in advance. Likewise, Cinesa reserves the right not to enable more than one theater per theater and day of this type of event, as well as to cancel this product in times of high influx to the cinema.

Explode Explode , the ideal occasion to enjoy the Reserved Pack You sit in the armchair, the lights go out and the first melodies of an essential song begin to play at any party with friends. Explode my heart, one of the great successes of Rafaella Carrá, is the theme that inspires the title of the first film by Uruguayan Nacho Álvarez, which premiered last Friday, October 2 in theaters. Starring Ingrid García-Jonsson, Verónica Echegui, Natalia Millán and Fernando Tejero, this musical based on the songs of the sought-after Italian singer is the ideal opportunity to enjoy the Reserved Pack with friends. A fun, spontaneous film that constitutes a hymn to freedom and empowerment and that becomes the perfect excuse to leave home and organize a special and exclusive private party with those closest to you in the Cinesa theater that best suits the group needs.

About Cinesa CINESA is the leading company in cinematographic exhibition in Spain, thanks to the 22 million viewers who visit one of its almost 500 rooms each year, spread over the 40 cinemas it has in the best locations in the main Spanish cities. The 13 cinemas in Madrid and the 9 in Barcelona stand out. Cinesa, with more than 60 years in the Spanish market, is committed to technology and comfort when offering its customers the best cinematographic experience. Under the umbrella of its innovative Cinesa Luxe concept, the company is betting, among others, on the installation of luxury seats, immersive IMAX screens, Dolby Cinema, iSens and Screen X (with the best visual and sound quality and excellence in customer service) and unique experiences in Spain such as DBOX moving seats.

Cinesa is committed to always putting the customer at the center, programming the highest-grossing films, but also looking for alternative products that adapt to the tastes of its customers in a personalized way. That is why Cinesa includes content such as concerts, television program finals, operas, plays and even gaming competitions in its programming, always in order to provide the best entertainment experience for all tastes. Cinesa is part of Odeon & UCI Cinemas Group, which is the first cinematographic exhibitor on the market with more than 115 million viewers a year and 360 cinemas in 14 European countries. In 2016, the Group was acquired by AMC Theaters, giving rise to the largest film exhibition company in the world.

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