The new advertising campaign that the Coca Cola company has launched in Argentina will be supported by the largest illuminated advertising screen in Latin America. Coca Cola Argentina, inaugurated this new LED screen installed in one of the most recognized places in the city of Buenos Aires, and in which the brand’s advertising is already dressed up.  Egypt Email List Coca Cola Inaugurates the Largest Advertising Led Screen in Latin America  It is an 18-ton LED screen, measuring around 600 square meters and requiring 75 people to install. Its definition, 1,080 x 840 pixels, composed of four million LEDs, which allow its visibility both day and night, as well as the reproduction of video in HD (High definition).

According to the company specializing in the creation of marketing elements in charge of the installation of the advertising medium, it is the largest screen in Latin America, which can be seen in front of the Obelisk of the City of Buenos Aires.

Coca Cola, official sponsor of the Argentine and South African National Team 2010, took advantage of the inauguration of this gigantic advertising screen to launch its global TV campaign.HP and Yahoo! could bring advertising to printed documents
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In this sense, the manufacturer of electronic products Hewlett-Packard plans to implement a new advertising system as part of a pilot program and through which to convert printed documents into a new advertising medium, thanks to the new range of connected printers (ePrint) to the internet, which also allow us to print our documents remotely through the web or from our mobile phone.

During this initial experience, HP is conducting different trials to test and test this new advertising system for which Hewlett-Packard plans to use the Yahoo advertising network.

Stephen Nigro, Vice-President of Imaging and Printing Group, highlighted in this sense that the connectivity characteristics and the possibility of using the IPs (Internet Protocol) of the different users would also allow the identification of the different regions or approximate geographical areas, thus opening the possibility of advertising. segmented and geographically oriented.

The advertisements could also be used based on the behavior of a user, as well as the context or content of the documents, although in this regard, above all else, from HP it is emphasized that this advertising system must be carried out with the laws and terms in mind. privacy as well as the confidentiality of user information.

Undoubtedly a curious initiative although we are left in doubt as to what will be the advantages that users who receive this type of ads integrated into their documents will have. At least I wonder who will pay for the ink?


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