Andres Toledo CEO Puro Marketing Medianzo. Businessman and entrepreneur in continuous expansion ACL Direct Promo · We know about Relationship Marketing We are experts in loyalty and incentives · We like to create unique experiences ACL Direct Promo · We know about Relationship Marketing We are experts in loyalty and incentives ·  Estonia Email List  We like to create unique experiences It is curious to look back and see how everything has evolved. The progress of new technologies and forms of communication have changed our habits, and today it would be difficult to understand how to survive in such a globalized world in which the Internet has become the most widely used means of communication, surpassing television, radio and traditional print media.

Clearly this new “world order” has made traditional marketing and advertising strategies look out of date. Despite the fact that all of them continue to have practical functionality and utility for brands and companies, it has been the technological and digital revolution that has generated a change of course in this regard. The proliferation of social networks and media, mobile technology, the impulse of online video and even email have given rise to a new scenario in which marketing has established itself as a regular tenant.

We are therefore facing a decisive moment where our environment is changing rapidly, accommodating each of the ingenuities and technological advances of the new digital age. With them, our way of communicating and even relating to us is being transformed, giving rise to new trends and social habits. Logically, this implies that many of the Marketing and Advertising formulas and strategies have to be reinvented to adapt to this new generation of new consumers.

By advertising, we understand the form or technique used to disseminate or inform people about a certain product or service through the media in order to motivate their consumption. Obviously the main requirement of any commercial and advertising strategy is based on detecting the “scenarios” where the attention or interest of consumers is focused to intervene and act on them by putting into practice all kinds of commercial actions.

A clear example of all this has been the new media and social networks that have conquered Internet users and that have served to give a new impulse to the advertising market. The “new consumers” are no longer unknown to companies because technology has provided means and resources to classify them according to the information of their interests, preferences or other multiple factors such as geolocation that allow resorting to a much more precise and advanced segmentation.

Although the future is uncertain, today it is possible to predict or speculate on some of the changes or progress in this regard. Technology is generating new habits that point to a society of new consumers induced by “mobility” where telephony and mobile internet will undoubtedly play an important role during the next decade.

The concept is simple, beyond the simple function of communication between people, online advertising and mobile marketing continue to evolve towards “proximity formulas” to adapt to this new digital era with the aim of being able to “reach” us wherever we are.

The arrival of smart mobile devices, Netbooks and table PCs such as the Apple iPhone or iPad, have served to take the next evolutionary step and increase “that imperative need to always be connected or located”.

Communication, marketing and advertising of the future will almost certainly be based on these principles and needs. Thanks to new functionalities or characteristics of this type of device – Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, etc. – and our established preferences, all kinds of products and services may be suggested to us through not only these devices, but also on the advertising of our environment that You can show us relevant information and personality according to our own interests.

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