Used primarily in B2B, the webinar is an online conference allowing specialists – speakers – to present their expertise on a specific topic to an audience of participants from their sector: prospects, customers, partners, etc. For companies organizers, the webinar is a powerful marketing tool with a dual objective: to position yourself as an expert, and above all to generate quality sales leads. However, hosting a webinar cannot be improvised. The content offered by the speakers must be unique, UAE Phone Number List and of high added value for your target audience. It is also important, upstream, to promote the webinar in order to gather as many participants as possible on D-day. Finally, the tool used to broadcast your webinar should not be neglected. Finding the one that suits your needs can be complex as there are so many players. This is why we offer you a comparison of the main tools available to organize a professional quality webinar, as well as the needs that each one meets. Comparative table of the different tools to carry out a professional webinar Webikeo, complete tool for recording a quality webinar A very complete platform, Webikeo provides you with “virtual conference rooms” to organize your webinars.

The tool is paid for, but has a free trial period. Offering “à la carte” formulas according to your needs (capacity, functions, duration, etc.), prices are subject to change. It is preferable to contact one of their advisers in order to obtain an accurate quote. Regarding the features offered, you will not be outdone. You can accommodate up to 1000 participants. The speakers – up to 6 simultaneously – are seen and heard by video, and can share all types of media. Participants cannot speak orally but have access to a chat to interact with the speakers. The + : After the webinar, the speaker (s) have access to information about the participants: email address, interactions, chat history, people who have expressed their interest, etc…. Participants have access to the replay of the webinar for 7 days and can download the documents made available by the speaker. In terms of user experience, the software is very easy to learn, both for speakers and participants. The – : The absence of a displayed price is relatively restrictive. > Webikeo Webikeo webinar Livestorm, easily create a free webinar The Livestorm software makes it easy to organize webinars, and offers a very complete free version. In this version you can access all the features offered in the paid version.


The only limits are the maximum length of your webinars (20 minutes), and the maximum number of participants (10). Otherwise, in the paid version, the duration is this time of 4 hours maximum per webinar, and the price varies according to the number of participants you need. Scalable rates are available, from 89 to 299 euros per month. The many features offer you the richest experience possible. In particular, you will find the following options: Unlimited number of webinars Replay without date limit to watch it Possibility to invite someone to join you during the conference Chat for question-and-answer sessions, conducting live polls Sharing pre-recorded videos or Youtube videos The pre-webinar phase is also under control thanks to the personalized registration page, the follow-up of emails sent, the sending of a reminder email, etc. Finally, a whole analytics section is at your disposal. You have access to all the statistics concerning your webinar as well as to information concerning your registrants and participants. Moreover, more than 1000 integrations are possible thanks to Zapier, including Marketo and Salesforce. You will therefore receive the data of your registrants and participants directly in your CRM tool (this option is only available for annual payment).

The  : Livestorm is a very complete tool and All the features are accessible with the free version. The – : The disadvantage lies in the number of participants and the duration per webinar too limited, which only allows you to take control of the tool before switching to a paid offer. > Livestorm Livestorm webinar Goto meeting and its affordable webinar software Go To Webinar GoToMeeting offers 3 formulas: the Starter, the Pro and the Plus. Each offers progressive rates ranging from 24 to 59 euros per month, and a number of participants per webinar ranging from 10 to 250. A 7-day trial period is also offered in order to choose the package best suited to your needs, with 50 users per webinar. The Starter version offers the basic functionalities, namely the possibility of sharing your screen, a secure environment, customer service accessible 24/7, an unlimited number of conferences, the possibility of joining a webinar by internet or by phone, or the possibility of using the service via the mobile application. The Pro version is a Starter version enhanced with exclusive features. We are thinking, for example, of the possibility of offering a replay, of sharing your screen, keyboard and mouse, a tool for drawing, managing all users and organizers thanks to the active directory, or the possibility of locking the meeting, which means your attendees must wait for you to let them in. Finally, the Plus version is identical to the Pro with an additional feature: In Room Link ,The  : The Starter version is inexpensive and allows you to start the webinar without spending too much.

The – : but it only offers the basic functionalities expected for this kind of service, unlike Webikeo or Livestorm which are much more complete. > Gotomeeting GoToMeeting Webinar The American Global Meet Webinar Global Meet Webinar offers two offers: a basic one at 85 euros per month which can accommodate up to 100 participants per webinar, and an advanced offer starting at 215 euros per month for 500 participants and more (possibility of 1000 or 2000 but in this case the price is on request). The basic offer already includes a large number of features including the possibility of sharing your screen during the presentation, of exchanging with your participants by chat, survey and questions / answers. Automated emails are also sent to promote the event for you or it is possible to retrieve reports and analyzes concerning your conference. The advanced version includes the same features, as well as the possibility of multimedia clip playback, social sharing, or monitoring of campaign sources. The + : GlobalMeet Webinar being part of a very large group specializing in SaaS meeting software of all kinds, by opting for this tool you are talking to an expert in the field.

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