Knowing one of the main accommodation options available in the market can help you, a lot, when creating your company’s website. In this post, you will be able to learn more about WordPress hosting and its differentials in relation to others! Edgar higuerey Jan 20, 20 | 10 min read how WordPress hosting works One truth that every company will discover, sooner or later, is that to do Digital Marketing and see consistent and lasting results it is necessary to have your own website. Although social media is an increasingly business-focused environment, it is on your own website that potential customers will have the opportunity to connect more deeply with your brand, understand and want to purchase your products. Realizing this, quickly, technical questions arise regarding the creation and maintenance of the website, such as:Is it really necessary to invest in responsive design ? How to optimize pages for SEO ? What accommodation to choose? The aim of this article is to answer this last question. Among the best known options, WordPress hosting attracts the attention of many entrepreneurs who are looking for quality and simplicity. Next we will see everything you need to know about him! What is WordPress and why is it so popular? WordPress is the most used and respected CMS (Content Management System) in the world.

To give you an idea of ​​its popularity: 30% of all sites on the Internet use this system! There are many other options, also quality, to manage websites, whether static or with dynamic content, such as blogs. But none of them come close to WordPress in popularity. What is this about? Here we will tell you 4 of the main reasons why this happens. Continue reading! 1. Open Source The first feature that makes WordPress so popular is its Open Source structure, that is, Slovenia WhatsApp Number List it is built on open source. In practice, this means that any programmer who is willing to contribute to the development of the system can participate to improve it every day. You simply have to read the documentation on how the CMS works and follow the steps indicated for community members and, in this way, contribute to making it faster, more stable and more reliable every day. This collaborative work model, very common in many types of digital systems, also makes WordPress free. This certainly weighs heavily in the final choice of users, since closed platforms involve very high investments that are out of the reach of small entrepreneurs and people who just want to test a business idea . 2. Active community It would be a useless software open source if there were no volunteers willing to participate in the maintenance of the platform.

Fortunately, the WordPress community is very active. This community is divided between developers, designers who are dedicated to creating templates for the platform and users who actively participate in the forums to answer questions from other users who are experiencing technical difficulties. This is another factor that makes the difference when selecting a platform, because even those who do not know much about programming can learn and enlist the help of other users to achieve their goals. 3. Extensive documentation The documentation of a system, especially Open Source, is very important and we are not just talking about making clear how the platform works. It also serves to indicate how organized and serious the software is when it comes to its value proposition . In that sense WordPress, too, is one of the best. With extensive documentation, translated into several languages ​​and constantly evolving, WordPress offers the necessary security that any organization needs, even for the most ambitious projects. These contents may also interest you: CDN: discover the advantages of a content distribution network on your website VPS hosting: how a virtual private server can help your website Get to know the Amazon hosting service and decide if it is the best for you4.

Personalization options Last but not least are the almost endless customization options that WordPress offers users. No matter what your ideas and needs are, they can probably be done in WordPress, with higher quality than other management platforms. It is possible to create everything from a simple blog to pass the time to a world famous news portal or a complete e-commerce operation. You have the possibility to:change the design; optimize SEO settings ; automate posts; expand functions; interact with the public; carry out a series of important activities directly from the administrative interface;and it also has advanced options for developers. How to create a WordPress blog? In general, creating a blog is a somewhat complex task. With that in mind, we created Rock Stage , a free solution focused on facilitating the process of creating a blog in WordPress. The step by step is very simple, you just have to choose a theme, select the colors and the font, name it and… voila! Your blog will be on the air in less than 2 minutes! What are the main features of WordPress? Knowing the main features of WordPress is a good way to see if this platform has what you need for your digital strategy. After all, just because most people take advantage of it doesn’t automatically mean it’s the best fit for your site. Here we will talk about the most attractive features for sites of all kinds, from blogs to e-commerce websites . Continue reading! Accessible (and highly customizable) themes Choosing a WordPress theme is an easy task. Just choose from thousands of ready-made designs, many of them free, and have them installed in your back office in minutes.

As we already said, WordPress has a large community, so it is easy to find resources for the platform, such as free and high-quality themes. In addition, it is possible to buy themes at very good prices and even hire a qualified professional to make the necessary adjustments and thus achieve the website with the visual identity of your company. Therefore, with WordPress there are several options to create a quality website, without delay and that, in some cases, costs a lot less than what you would have to invest to produce a website. Complete management structure Everything you need is in WordPress: functions to produce, publish and edit publications; integrate marketing and sales tools ; analyze performance metrics; interact with the audience through comments. It is a complete management structure, which can be used simply and continuously by both individual entrepreneurs and multinational companies. There is even the option of having multiple subdomains under the same administrative interface, which is very useful for multilingual sites or for companies that use interrelated subdomains. Various plugins Anything that is not possible to do with your theme’s own resources can be improved with the help of plugins . They serve to increase the range of possibilities of your website. The options library is simply impressive and has tools of various kinds to perform essential tasks and improve site performance. Also, there is the option to buy Premium add-ons, if you need very specific functions. Typically, the companies that sell them have quality support systems, as well as offering value that quickly exceeds the investment. What are the differences between WordPress hosting and a regular hosting? Given the great appeal of WordPress and based precisely on the fact that most sites use the platform, many servers decided to offer a direct and personalized option: WordPress hosting.

The most important question for those who face this option when hiring a hosting plan is: is it the most suitable solution for me? Before answering this question, let’s better understand the main differences between WordPress hosting and regular hosting, also known as shared hosting. There are 4 main differences that deserve your attention when making this important choice:1. Access to the administrative panel The first big difference between WordPress hosting and the shared alternative, more common in the market, refers to access to the administrative panel. Shared hosting works with CPanel technology and has an interface full of options and different paths to follow. On the other hand, whoever hires the exclusive WordPress service only has a simple interface at their disposal, with the basic actions of the content manager . In this simplified version, the user can create email accounts, add domains and perform other specific actions. It is very direct and practical! 2. Use of other platforms A host that gives access to the cPanel interface, has much greater flexibility to test various CMS systems or even install only one HTML version (the simplest) of a website. With WordPress hosting, that doesn’t happen. The contracted plan is specific and there is nothing to test or explore. It all comes down to keeping a WordPress system running, nothing more. However, shared hosting also gives you access to the WordPress system, so opting for it does not mean giving up the CMS. It just requires a little more interface familiarity at installation time.

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