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We are experts in loyalty and incentives ·  Cambodia Email List We like to create unique experiences , We are going through a hybrid cycle between the traditional Web where Web positioning and SEO actions tending to increase the presence of relevance and the traffic of users attracted by a satisfaction of interests, is perfectly combined with the online marketing strategies that brands they are launched on social networks in order to fulfill a double objective; on the one hand the identification and satisfaction of interests and needs and, on the other, the consolidation of the branding associated with the brand.

2010 has been lavish in innovation and technological advances and we have witnessed the boom in smartphones as powerful platforms for advertising, marketing and bringing brands closer to the interests and needs shared by users. We are therefore approaching the announced Web 3.0 where the mobile network will mean a change both in the parameters that govern positioning and in the variables that make up marketing strategies.

But the arrival of the mobile Internet also modifies one of the most relevant aspects of the new model, one of the variables without which it is not possible to achieve a good positioning, or even to launch a marketing campaign; the content.

Web 3.0 incorporates video into our lives as a marketing tool, not in vain, we can already find numerous online marketing campaigns on social networks that use video as a way to publicize their products. With a more than solid foundation, it is not necessary to delve much to know success stories in which brands have achieved substantial increases in sales figures as well as generate powerful and massive impacts on users.

The integration of content to video marketing advances with the same dynamism and vertiginousness with which the network does and its impact sequence can be optimally measured in the reception of the message, its propagation and the capacity of the image and the sound in the primal memory of the human being, which makes it easier for him to remember the message and therefore always keep it in mind.

To increase the efficiency of the communication of a message it is necessary to keep in mind some variables.

Reading the message
Listening to the message
Image sequence (remember the impact of classic power point presentations)
As we advance in the aforementioned relationship, more senses appear involved and, therefore, greater effectiveness of the message transmitted.

It is therefore time to start keeping video marketing in mind to delve into the needs of our potential clients and for this, we focus on the keys to make it an efficient integration.

First of all, lose your fear

One of the most common mistakes, specifically by the entrepreneur and SMEs, lies in the fear of change – inherent in human beings, changes always produce concern and certain doses of fear in the face of an uncertain future – however, it should be borne in mind that, think doing so “when the brand is more consolidated and the growth figures have increased” may mean missing a great opportunity to advance our business plan now.

The rise of content in this form contemplates exponential growth, so it is not difficult to think that the positioning of content will become increasingly complex as competition increases.

The video should help the reputation, the brand and / or the entrepreneur.

As a social network, humanization will acquire more and more power, this means that self-made, creative videos that deal with topics that satisfy the interests of potential clients will have an added value of incalculable value; the humanization and credibility of the brand.


To begin with, it is very important to start with the production of serial videos that inform users of who we are, what the brand does, what the corporate portal is and what they can find in it.

As time passes and as users become more familiar with the format, we can advance and explore hybrid content in which text is short and powerful and video does the rest.

Warning… video is a very optimal tool for online marketing campaigns that brands carry out on social networks and in their interaction with communities, so the launch of corporate videos has in them an ideal platform for propagation and knowledge since the main objective is to publicize, make the brand more visible, provide the company with transparency and increase creativity and innovation, so valued by users eager for unique content.


Well known is the need to be constant in updating content to achieve, not only maintain and increase positioning, but mainly, retain users always attracted by the novelty.

In this sense, the minimum frequency to start is one video a week, it is best to have all the communication channels always updated.

Possibility of interaction

The use of the Internet without the possibility of interaction with users has long been obsolete. Therefore, it is advisable to provide the user with tools that allow them to interact; send and share with your followers on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.… conducting a survey on any of the topics covered and ultimately, allowing users to interact with this new content format, is one of the strengths of this innovative system .

Analysis, after a first stage the results obtained in a first measurement should not be analyzed from the prism of profitability or sales. It is much more efficient for the analysis to be carried out in order to identify failures, evaluate user feedback and modify those parameters that allow for an approach to users.

The primary analyzes should therefore not arrive with a calculator, but rather as a particular SWOT in which the recommendations and favorable comments strengthen the specific area and the criticisms or suggestions, help to improve and polish this new way of reaching potential clients. .

Always remember that Internet users are eager for knowledge, constant training has passed to occupy one of the first positions of interest and therefore, didactic and pedagogical videos that address topics of interest, will make our brand become one of current informative references.

Sounds interesting right? … and although, as always, it requires a high dose of perseverance, perseverance and commitment to the needs of users, the truth is that video marketing is one of the most efficient content marketing strategies that currently exist, optimizes times and favors interaction.


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