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Know the criminal obligations that exist within the digital environment to protect your business enterprise, Content advertising and marketing is the new hype of virtual branding strategies.  Bahamas Email Lists Now that we all have assumed and internalized that right virtual verbal exchange includes having a not most effective corporate internet site, syndicating our emblem / product on other sites, being on social networks, and achieving an excellent positioning in search engines; the question is and the way do i do it? And the usual solution is: content material advertising.

While in Spain we preserve to witness the immoderate proliferation of organizations specialized in Social Media; In america, which can be constantly some years ahead of us on these troubles, they’ve already handed this phase, and now the trend is for Content Marketing Agencies, which actually have an association: Content Marketing Institute.

The ironic tone of this advent isn’t meant to express my war of words with this new advertising trend. Rather, pretty the alternative: I subscribe 100% to the want to expand relevant actions for clients because the best manner to reach them inside the new digital surroundings wherein the user decides in the event that they want to look you or no longer. However, I agree with that content material advertising isn’t the only way to do it, and I additionally believe that it is frequently misunderstood.


Alternatives to Content Marketing

Content advertising isn’t the best viable or always the most appropriate approach.

As in any advertising approach, we ought to define the digital movements to be done primarily based on certain variables, specifically: targets to be achieved and sources that we have at our disposal. If our goal is as an example to generate logo / product notoriety; a extra conventional media campaign combining on and stale can be extra appropriate. If we’ve got enough resources, more conventional promotional actions can remain especially relevant and powerful.

Content Marketing vs. Interaction Marketing

Content advertising is typically understood as a advertising and marketing strategy targeted on generating relevant records for the goal as a way to hook up with it. Depending at the interests of the users and the profile of the emblem, essential communique subjects are described (examples: recipes if the emblem is from the food sector; life-style if the target is lady, sports if it’s far male, or song if they may be youths.)

In my opinion, the misinterpretation resides inside the hyperlink this is made among content material and facts. The technology of statistics is only one of the approaches to provide brands and their digital systems with applicable content. The key lies in finding a manner to have interaction with customers in a sustainable way over the years. To do that, you need to offer them a service (whether records or no longer) this is beneficial, relevant and unique in comparison to competition. To wreck the link among content and statistics, we are able to call this strategy Utility Marketing (now not too glamorous name), or Service Marketing (can result in confusion with the provider region) or Interaction Marketing.

Good Interaction Marketing Practices

Starbucks is a outstanding example of Interaction Marketing way to which it has managed to be the 2nd meals emblem with the highest on-line presence (after Coca-Cola), being a particularly small logo in terms of expertise and sales. The key to fulfillment has been to provide relevant and distinctive offerings in every of its interaction platforms with customers, which includes: look for premises and activity gives on FB; “My starbucks concept”, website to proportion and broaden thoughts; twitter as a means of informing and customer service, and many others.

Other properly examples of brands that offer a useful carrier with which to engage with users: NIKE + (the well-known software for running with Apple gadgets), Sneakerpedia (the Wikipedia of FootLocker shoes), or Knorr’s School Menu Planner (device that facilitates make the school menu well suited with the home menu).

Finally, I would like to emphasize all over again the want to define the digital strategy before taking any sort of motion, as we do in conventional advertising. The digital approach will determine if Content / Interaction Marketing is the most appropriate way, and if it’s miles, it will surely additionally provide us with first thoughts and regions of movement in order to help us generate effective digital activation ideas.

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