Reach convert and bind potential customers How and where do you start Who is your audience or target group. Where are they located, and Singapore B2B List what content are they waiting for?  You will also discover why sustainable content is the foundation of your Singapore B2B List content. Marketing strategy to prevent your content marketing from dying a silent death after the first few months. That is why in this training together with expert Mandy Pluim you will get to. Work on both devising and creating catchy content. Introduction action Take your colleague for free to the training that starts on March 17.

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Only the main enrollment Singapore B2B List will be invoiced View the promotion conditions. Here Result. You know who you want to reach and where to find this target group. You can reach and move your target group With the right message, You know how to set up a content cycle continuously. serve your target group. With content, You can set goals, determine Singapore B2B List KPIs, and measure and analyze the results Program Day 1 (9.30 – 16.30 in Utrecht) Goal setting: from organizational to communication to content goals Determine target group Reaching your target audience: the right channel strategy The information needs of your target group (based on Google’s See, Think, Do, Care model) The customer journey Day 2 Creating good Singapore B2B List content for your entire audience: from an orientating or potential customer to an ambassador

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Posting content frequency and timing Singapore B2B List content calendar Planning tools and analysis (to measure is to know) The training includes a 1-on-1 telephone session with the trainer after the training. This is where you can go further into your Singapore B2B List organization’s content marketing and answer any questions you may have. Think of: marketers, communication employees, creatives, photographers, independent entrepreneurs, journalists, content marketers, etc.

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