Do you find the concept of inbound marketing interesting, but you still have trouble understanding how effective this strategy can be in boosting your sales? Discover through this customer case how Clearnox , a Saas debt collection solution, has multiplied its lead generation by 20 by adopting an inbound marketing approach. A French fintech player, Clearnox aims to help companies in the day-to-day management of their cash flow, by saving them time in the monitoring, recovery and collection of debts. To make itself known to its targets quickly and intelligently, this software publisher has chosen to resort to inbound marketing . Rather than intrusively soliciting, South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands Email Lists by phone or email, companies that haven’t asked for anything, inbound marketing consists of bringing prospects directly to your site, thanks to a content strategy designed to respond to problems encountered by its potential customers. An approach in line with the objectives of Clearnox, which wanted to make itself known by responding to the challenges faced by a large number of French companies.

To implement this content publication and natural referencing strategy, Clearnox trusted Web Conversion. 3 years after the start of this collaboration, the results are there and even exceed expectations. In this customer case, discover the actions implemented by WebConversion to allow Clearnox to multiply its number of leads by 20!Are you embarking on the creation of your B2B blog? You followed our advice to prepare an effective editorial calendar ? The next step is to establish in writing the specifications of the article you want to produce, in other words: to create an editorial brief optimized for the web. If you are using an external SEO web writer, this content brief will be essential for your written communication.

It will play the role of a bridge between the publisher, that is to say you, and the service provider. Often neglected, the writing of these specifications will allow you to communicate your needs and your objectives, to define the framework of the writing mission, to present your values, your customers, the angle of your article thus, gain in efficiency. The more precise, clear and structured instructions a brief contains, the more time you save, and therefore money. We explain the key steps in writing this brief. And as a bonus, we offer you a typical example of an editorial brief optimized for the web. Why is the content brief essential? As a manager or marketing manager, you know your company and its values, your offer, your brand perfectly. But an external SEO web copywriter doesn’t have this crucial information in mind, and they won’t be able to guess it from a simple article order and 3 keywords.

With an optimized editorial brief, you clearly express your needs and your objectives (awareness, conversion, brand image, mood tag) to all people outside the project. You ensure the tone of the article , the respect of your editorial line, the adequacy with your buyer persona. Note that this also applies to content on social networks, press releases or print. These specifications also make it possible to better prioritize the information that will be contained in the article. Your introduction, the different titles and subtitles of your article, the content itself with the different arguments of each part, and finally the conclusion that opens towards your offer, your CTA or other articles on your blog. All of this information should be in your brief, and the more detail you provide, the clearer your goal will be to the freelancer. A good content brief also helps to avoid unpleasant surprises in terms of style and editorial tone.

It can indeed be quite unsettling for your reader to find an article with a familiar tone instead of the usual professional style, familiarity instead of address, repeated exclamation points … As such, the brief must guarantee consistency in the content you offer. By providing a clear structure and precise information, you will also save time, in particular by limiting the round trips of correction and validation between you and the service provider. If the inspiration does not come immediately, you will realize the best angle to bring to an article by analyzing the problems of your target and… by writing your content brief. Just as a brainstorming meeting gives you the angles of treatment to favor, writing the brief and the research you do upstream will clarify your strategy. And to help you, we have prepared a checklist for you.

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