IMF Business School · Masters in Marketing and Digital Communication Become a professional with the best school to study digital marketing in person or online IMF Business School · Masters in Marketing and Digital Communication Online or in person · Double degree · Up to 70% scholarship · Job and internship exchange Geoff Ramsey, Latvia Email List CEO and co-founder of e-Marketer is already a reference in the world of marketing. A whole Guru whom many faithfully follow and take into account his opinions and the issues on which he expresses his opinion and criteria.

With the arrival of the new year 2009, Geoff Ramsey wanted to expose and shed different predictions about the nearest future and the evolution of the digital marketing sector, traditional advertising and online marketing.

In this regard, it is important to bear in mind that at present, the prospects for digital and electronic marketing have been truncated due in large part to the current economic crisis that in the US continues to intensify and forecast “not very good times” for most markets and professional sectors. Without a doubt, the Advertising and Digital Marketing market will suffer its effect and consequences despite the fact that the Internet seems to show a more stable behavior to face these times of crisis.

In his predictions, Geoff Ramsey has mainly highlighted that during the coming months there will be a downward trend that will translate into a reduction in investment and advertising spending that could continue throughout 2009.

Regarding the different communication media, newspapers, magazines and radio will be the ones that will suffer the hardest effects of these negative trends, which will cause some of the cases, such as that of the written press, to continue to lose. a large part of their income from advertising. Only for the year 2009 the predictions of these losses are around 16% for newspapers and between 5% and 8% in the case of other media such as radio. Television will also experience a decrease in their business volume this year in terms of profit from advertising investment, which could even exceed 5%.

This data clearly indicates that these media will continue to lose and see their number of advertisers reduced. Data to take into account and that for Geoff Ramsey are an indication that perhaps the normal levels of the advertising business in these media will not recover again for 2010 or when the economy recovers.

Large firms and advertisers, in addition to cutting back and reducing their advertising investments, are facing the current economic crisis by carrying out massive layoffs of staff, although in this aspect the layoffs may correspond to the profile of less qualified staff and less adapted to new digital trends than in a Future could occupy the new talents and professionals with a greater preparation and disposition to work with digital marketing in the Internet medium.

It is clear that of all the media, the Internet not only continues to consolidate its current position but also continues to grow and generate great prospects for the future. The predictions of the internet medium indicate an increase of 8.9% on advertising investment during 2009, a figure somewhat lower than the 11.3% registered during 2008 but which, compared to the fall of the rest of the media, places it as the medium more stable and immersed in a clear maturation process that will bear fruit in the not too distant future. Undoubtedly all this will serve as an argument against those who seek to generate certain uncertainty or negative predictions about the internet medium.

Regarding the different advertising formats, advertisers will continue to bet on search engine ads and email marketing, although online video is the medium or format that will experience the greatest growth, around 45%.

The growth of online advertising will experience a slight decrease compared to that experienced in recent years although its effects will be temporary and will only be reflected in relation to the results of investment and advertising spending since in reality the trend for advertising and Online marketing will continue to grow and increase for years to come.

Regarding E-commerce and online purchases, if there will be a lower growth in relation to 2008, mainly due to the fact that the economic situation leads consumers to generate less spending and fewer purchases. This will undoubtedly lead companies and brands that market through the internet to optimize the prices of their services and include special promotions for which, advertising and digital marketing strategies will be extremely important.


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