Digital Ocean is a cloud hosting provider with superior options over traditional methods. Considered one of the top 3 of the business worldwide, its main attraction is scalability, which allows you to have more resources as your digital presence grows stronger. Matheus Clemente Apr 22, 20 | 8 min read how Digital Ocean works Are you developing a Digital Marketing strategy? Uganda Phone Number List One of the elements that cannot be missing is a blog . At this stage, some care is needed, among them is the accommodation, since a poor quality service can harm the user experience. We can understand the seriousness of this issue, considering that 53% of users leave a page when it takes more than three seconds to load. Therefore, it is better to choose a lodging with good quality.

This ensures that the visitor finds what they need on the blog. From that moment, the visitor can become a lead and, finally, become a customer. To help you choose a good hosting provider, we will introduce Digital Ocean, where we will touch on the following topics: What is Digital Ocean? How did Digital Ocean come about? Who should use a cloud hosting? How to use Digital Ocean? What are its main functionalities? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Digital Ocean? What is Digital Ocean? Digital Ocean is a company, located in New York City, that offers cloud hosting, being considered the third largest in the segment worldwide. One of its main characteristics is scalability , which means that it allows you to have more resources as your digital strategy advances. The scalability is due to the fact that Digital Ocean services are cloud-based , this makes it a superior option over traditional options.


Do you know what is the difference between both types of accommodation? In traditional hosting, your site is hosted on a server with a structure very similar to your home computer. The machine has HD, processor, RAM, among other resources, but, naturally, the capacity of a computer of this type is higher than the one you use in your day-to-day life. Traditional hosting can be dedicated , which means having exclusive hardware resources. In the shared one, on the other hand, this physical structure is used by several sites, which can result in a slower blog if a traffic spike occurs in the neighbor.

In cloud hosting , your site is not hosted on a server, but on a cluster of servers , that is, a set of machines that work in parallel, combining their powers to offer a more advanced service in terms of storage and to processing. When we talk about cloud hosting , we are referring to a network of servers working together. This means working with the resources of several machines and having benefits such as better uptime and scalability, as we will explain better in this text. In this way, we can imagine the quality of service offered by Digital Ocean, right? But, now we are going to talk about the history of the company. How did Digital Ocean come about? In 2003, Ben and Moisey Uretsky created Server Stack, a company that offered managed hosting services. But, the vision of the brothers made them understand that there was a need in the market that no one was meeting. It happens that providers at the time offered very robust services that met the needs of large companies, however, software developers did not have an effective solution .

Thus, in 2011, Ben and Moisy founded Digital Ocean. In 2012, Mitch Wainer joined the group and, shortly after, the company launched its product , still in beta. After a few months, Jeff Carr and Alec Hartman joined the team. In that year, Techstars, an accelerator of startups , accepted digital ocean and in August, the company had 400 customers. From then on, the growth was great. Who should use a cloud hosting? Do you want to know if it is the most suitable for you? Now we are going to tell you some tips to guide you in your decision. Imagine a company that cannot be left without its intranet and whose platform is critical to the operation of the business. In this case, cloud hosting is an excellent alternative, since one of the benefits it offers is related to uptime, and consequently, to availability. Occasionally, low-quality hosts may stop working, which means low uptime, well below 100%. But, if the service is cloud-based, you can count on a level of availability capable of guaranteeing the proper functioning of your company. The same principle is applied to ecommerce . Think about how it would be terrible to have an ecommerce that stopped working the moment customers were closing the purchase or choosing a product.

The uptime issue is also important when it comes to large blogs that contain a huge amount of content and receive heavy visitor traffic. If that is what you plan for your blog, it is better that you choose a good quality hosting at the beginning, this will avoid that you need to change providers when your site begins to grow. How to use Digital Ocean? To get started, go to the Digital Ocean site . Put your full name, an email and a password. Note that you can also log in with your Google account. The next step is to enter your email and click on the verification link. By doing that, you will be able to continue with the subscription, now your credit card details will be requested. Something interesting is that new users earn a credit of US $ 100 , valid for 60 days. In this way, depending on the plan you choose, the first payment will occur only two months after entering Digital Ocean. Cool right? After finishing the subscription, it’s time to give your project a name. Apart from putting a name, you will also need to select the type of application that will be developed . A little further down, you must inform how many people will work on the project. At the end of the previous steps, you will reach the control panel, where you will create your first Doplet. Doplet is the way Digital Ocean calls the virtual machines created on the platform.

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