Conversion: a very relevant term when it comes to producing quality content for your audience and leading them to take a proposed action in your marketing strategy. Luiza perez Apr 13, 20 | 18 min read For that to happen, the content needs to attract attention, that is, Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List think for yourself if it adds value, brings a solution to a problem, satisfies a desire of your audience and if they are consistent with the objectives. Those are questions to ask when you think about what is conversion in Digital Marketing . What is conversion in Digital Marketing and why is it so important? Let’s see the following: if we look up the word “conversion” in the dictionary , we will find what it means, in its first sense: conversion: f. change from one thing to another and change of ideas, opinions and beliefs.

It is not so different in marketing when we think of a business strategy on social media or a campaign on a site. At that point, we want our audience to take an action , be it a “Like” on Facebook, make a subscription to the blog or fill out a form with their personal data. In all these situations we are hoping that the public, in addition to knowing the content and having their problems solved, stay longer on our site. There, you will take positive actions that guide you to the next phases of the sales funnel and allow us to establish a conversion rate that will surely help to understand the achievements and failures.

The conversion process occurs precisely when a key action within your strategy is executed by the user according to the objectives. The user is no longer just an online person who was looking for something and has found, to become a lead , a fan, a client, among others. Do not forget that it is important that you are very clear about your business objectives, with that it is easier to achieve success, make the best decisions at each stage of the strategy and improve the mistakes made. Allowing you to do analysis, optimize and change, in case something does not correspond to what is expected. What action do you hope your audience will take and how do you rate that conversion?

In the first place, establish a natural communication, with accessible and coherent language with your audience, demonstrate authority in the matter, because, that will make them trust you and want to have a dialogue or relationship with you and with the business you propose. Delivering relevant information, quality content that allows you to solve a problem or desire is the result of a good marketing strategy that will obviously achieve many conversions. Therefore, pay attention to 4 essential things to get your audience on the road to conversion:1. Set clear goals At this time, you must determine and analyze what your objectives or those of your company are to choose the action. What do you want to achieve with it? Remember that it is not only the final conversion that counts, but that you have paid attention to the entire process from the starting point to the end of the user’s journey towards the conversion. 2. Define the indicators Here, you or your marketing team determine what are the actions that will be important for the audience to make and define the conversion that interests the objective .

This part is very important, because, within digital marketing, interaction leads to an action and it is at this time that they can become: whether to make a sale, share the content, subscribe to the newsletter, or leave personal data to download an ebook on the site. 3. Measure conversion rates This stage is very important and it is the most basic when we talk about digital marketing. I’m talking about the metric that considers the real number of conversions within the site, for example. Measuring, analyzing and optimizing data is a task that must be considered seriously . Well, with this information, it is possible to evaluate the performance of the strategy, see what was not good, improve upcoming campaigns, assess successes, minimize the mistakes made and discuss the conclusions obtained with the marketing team. 4. Optimize the results Within the digital environment, you cannot stop updating and always improving your performance on the Internet. It is necessary to make changes permanently, to be in accordance with the digital market and with the trends of digital marketing . Thinking about that, it is important that your strategies are really focused on conversion . Look well you are sure about that.

If your answer is yes, then we can recognize that these four pillars cited above are correct for a good development in the digital environment and obviously, they will generate positive actions orienting digital marketing towards conversion . But if your answer was no and the efforts were wasted, there are some attitudes that the marketing department needs to do quickly which are to propose these optimization options :Take an A / B test What does it mean? It is nothing more than making two different versions of some elements of the site, for example. So that their performance can be tested, it is important to analyze the results that each one obtains to finally define which are the improvements that really affect the conversion rate. Rethink the structure of the website That is to say that, according to the results that were obtained by the analyzes, it is possible to improve the browsing experience and for the user, to make the conversion simpler and more effective.

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