Create Contact Groups If you often email Greece B2B List the same group of colleagues, do you type in the recipients one by one? I did until recently. A waste of my time and also prone to errors. What if I forget someone? By creating contact groups Germany B2B List you can select the entire group at once. Useful! To do this, go from Gmail to Contacts (top right under Google apps) and select the people for your group under Contacts or Regular contacts. Then click on the label icon at the top and ‘Create label’. Screenshot create contact group label Give your Germany B2B List group a convenient name. You can now use this name to select the group as the recipient of your email. I also find this feature a real godsend for private e-mails to my family (an invitation or moving message) or an e-mail to my 21-member hockey team. Screenshot contact group Choose editor in new email Hopefully these Gmail tips have been helpful.

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Under your general settings you can also Greece B2B List indicate which stars you want to use in your. Inbox and in which order. You do that by dragging them. Screenshot stars in Gmail You can then click the star for an email in your Gmail inbox. Based on Greece B2B List the preferences above, the first click will mark the message with a yellow star, the second click with a red star, and so on. You can give ‘meaning’ to the stars themselves. A red star could indicate Germany B2B List high urgency, the green check mark can be used for completed mails and the orange arrows for mails that you have to follow up, etcetera. You can then find all messages with the same star or symbol via the search function by searching for ‘has:yellow-star’, ‘has:green-check’ or ‘has:orange-guillemet’.

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After the expiry date, the content of the Greece B2B List message can no longer be read If you’re afraid. Of snoopers you can also require an SMS passcode The recipient can only read the message after entering the code. Good to Germany B2B List know: Emails sent from confidential mode cannot be forwarded copied. Printed or downloaded by the recipient. This message will also appear at the bottom of the email.  Add stars Let’s go back to the ‘labeling’ category Germany B2B List for a moment.

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