I prefer to talk about motion content instead Bulgaria Phone Number of the video. Actually, the title of this article is wrong. Because what we’re actually talking about is ‘moving content’. motion. That’s what draws attention. And that motion content comes in many shapes and sizes. Actual video shoots of course. But also gifs, stop motions, cinemagraphs, animations, illustrations, live streams or even slideshow Bulgaria Phone Number montages of photos. Many of these moving content forms are not nearly as expensive as elaborate video production. In short, don’t be put off by the word video. Why does video score?

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Video scores. That’s a feeling I think we Bulgaria Phone Number all share and that makes perfect sense from the user’s point of view. After all, we have all experienced ourselves that moving images encourage you to stop scrolling rather than static images. But, as marketers, we naturally want to substantiate this gut feeling with numbers. In the past, it sometimes seemed that the use of video resulted in less Bulgaria Phone Number engagement on your content. If you only count your content on likes, shares and comments, then that is indeed correct.

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But if you look further, at click-through Bulgaria Phone Number rates, clicks and video views, it becomes a completely different story. October 2020 figures from adQuadrant help support the case for moving content. For example, they see a doubling in the number of clicks on video content versus static content. However, the success of video is (partly) dependent on the optimizations. For example, 80% of users of are Bulgaria Phone Number very annoyed by videos where the sound starts playing automatically and loudly. Recognizable? Well huh?! Noise from a loudspeaker.


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