IMF Business School · Masters in Marketing and Digital Communication Online or in person · Double degree · Up to 70% scholarship · Job and internship exchange ACL Direct Promo · We know about Relationship Marketing We are experts in loyalty and incentives · We like to create unique experiences With the aim of approaching young audiences, Haiti Email List El Corte Inglés created for the launch of its Young Fashion – Summer 09 campaign, the concept “World Fashion Tour”, which consisted of a trip through the world of trends through three cities : Los Angeles, Santorini and Melbourne.

The Adtiviti agency was in charge of designing and executing the entire online creative strategy. For this purpose, a microsite was created for the occasion: an online promotion where buyers of WFT garments could win a tour of California for 5 friends in the purest rockstar style and ending at the Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco. To participate, they only had to create an original album cover in a rock star pose.

Media Contacts, Havas Digital’s interactive media agency, was in charge of designing the online media strategy, which was developed on music sites, portals, TV sites, blogs and social networks. Using special formats such as pre-roll videos and customizations. In terms of results, the campaign impacted 5.8 million unique users, and reached an average click-through of close to 1%. Highlight the results obtained by the campaign on blogs (fashion, trends, music and leisure) and social networks, such as MySpace, and Tuenti. In the latter, the event created by WFT received more than 110,000 visits.

The microsite obtained more than 290,000 visits in just three weeks and obtained more than 9,400 new registrations on Of these, 3,000 participated in the promotion by taking a picture with their friends and designing a cover. A great success considering that to participate they had to make a purchase in the indicated brands of more than 25 euros.

Getting visits to the Web is the great challenge and one of the objectives of companies that have online activity, especially those that market products and services to the general public through the Internet or simply advertise them. The number of visits is an important indicator when assessing the success or failure of certain business models on the Internet. The key is how to increase them., a company that focuses its activity on developing business on the Internet, has created a series of procedures, technologies and tools that help improve the presence of companies on the Web.

Keys to get visits on a website

Positioning: SEO and Presence in search engines

Currently, search engines are the means most used by users to access the information offered by a website. By inserting keywords, the interested party gets optimal results in their search. For this reason, a correct construction of the Web page is very important, which allows the search engine to analyze it, collect the keywords from it and place us in the top positions when the user uses them. Sync conceives the Web pages of its clients with the idea of ​​facilitating the work of search engines.

According to Yago Arbeloa, General Director of “For a Web page to work it is essential that from the beginning of the creation of a Website, we take into account the indexing and positioning that it will later have in the different search engines” .

To achieve a good Positioning in the different search engines, many aspects are important, from the simple choice of the font that we are going to use, to the way to place images and links. At no time does this prevent the design of a Website from being attractive. In fact, the secret to smart positioning is the perfect balance between the two.

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