Elementor WordPress is a plugin to create websites, its way of operating is very simplified and it adapts to any project. His proposal is to make life easier for programmers and marketers, especially those who do not have experience as developers. Ivan de Souza Feb 16, 20 | 12 min read Building a website is no longer a problem if you don’t have programming skills. There are excellent platform options that help in this process, and also lighter and more practical solutions that are equally effective, such as Elementor WordPress . With this plugin, you can, in a very simple way, create your website in no time, even without being a developer. The idea behind Elementor is precisely to make this work accessible to any WordPress user who wants to bring a new project to life on the web.

This plugin has caught the attention of specialists, so today, in this article, we will talk about its main features. After all, many people still do not understand how Elementor works, and most of all, they are afraid to start a website using the tool, Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List because they think that it can be too complex a process. As our mission is to make your life easier and demonstrate that it is possible to create a website using the plugin, in this post we will tell you how Elementor WordPress works and, mainly, what you can do like this very interesting website creation tool. Continue reading! What is Elementor WordPress? It is a WordPress plugin that works like a true website builder. You just have to install it on the board of this CMS to take advantage of the development tools it offers, from the design part to the functions, such as menus, buttons and other details of construction of the pages. Elementor’s proposition is to eliminate the need for developers and programmers to create. That immediately leads to a reduction in work time, eliminating the need to spend weeks in development activities. In addition, the labor cost may be lower, since these professionals are no longer indispensable in the creative flow. Therefore, small business owners or even employees of Marketing teams who have no experience with website development, manage to create one without problems.

No matter the type of project, such as institutional sites, blogs , portfolios, landing pages or e-commerce , each of them can be created using Elementor. Why use Elementor on the website? At a time of decision making, users have to evaluate the reasons to support the choice of tools that are used in their daily lives. Creating a website is a complex process with great weight, after all, that’s where the company’s project comes from. Therefore, choosing Elementor is not always a simple step, as it is necessary to analyze several points. The best way to make this decision safely is to learn more about everything that the plugin can offer you when it comes to bringing your website to life. Next, we will tell you some of the reasons why Elementor can be the ideal tool to build a website quickly and without complications! Plugin works for builders Anyone who has had the experience of having to build a website from scratch has undoubtedly turned to website builders, most of whom are associated with hosting services . In the case of Elementor, its use is totally independent of the hosts, as it is concentrated solely on WordPress, since it is a plugin for that platform. While not a separate tool, its performance is inspired by the subroutines known as builders, but with usability much simpler and intuitive than other solutions of this type.

The idea is that a simple plugin opens up a wide range of creation options, functioning as a great website development platform! Various themes Elementor has a wide collection of themes that can be used for different types of projects, which makes the plugin even more democratic and useful to all types of users. Of course, the free version has a smaller selection, but it can still be a great alternative for those starting a small business or simply needing a landing page. The paid versions, aimed at the professional market, have a greater range, always focused on the possibility of combining a charming design with a developed navigation experience . Only in the development of the visual part, the tool offers more than 80 creation elements. It is enough to give life to websites of any category, without neglecting the identity of your company. Easy to use Knowing how to create a website or how to create a blog is a challenge that is divided into two phases: front-end , which is the design of the site, and back-end , part of the programming of the code that gives life to the activity of the page in harmonic agreement with the graphic project. The front-end , on the other hand, is the part of the work done by the user and it is much simpler if we use Elementor . In addition to having to worry only about visual creation, the way this work is done makes all the difference. The development system is very simplified, providing elements that only need to be pressed and dragged to the area where the user wants them to be. Therefore, the selection of icons, buttons, images and backgrounds is simple and intuitive.

Center in design Elementor WordPress centralizes all its development in simplifying matters related to design, with features that allow the user to give the “face” of the website, creating the entire visual structure. The most interesting thing is that you can do all this taking into account the visual identity of the brand and then choose elements that are similar and that fit well with this line. Among the main details that can be changed, it is worth mentioning: text fonts; background planes; images; buttons and icons; effects. Real-time editing There is nothing worse than editing a site and being able to see the changes only after the job is done. The Elementor developers thought carefully and decided to implement a system where all front-end changes can be seen in real time. This prevents the work from being prolonged due to reformulations that must be carried out later. This feature is one of the features that proves that Elementor, in addition to an easy-to-use WordPress plugin, was created for projects to develop quickly. Productivity and quality are the foundation of what the tool offers, especially when you can create the website and monitor the results at the same time.

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